Worthy experiences to try in Qatar – the host of World Cup 2022

Qatar, the host of the World Cup 2022, has a lot of interesting things for you to explore right now, but missing these experiences as if you come back home with nothing.

Conquering the sandy desert


Passing through the vast desert is a popular pastime in Qatar, often referred to as dune bashing. The dunes here are so high and so steep that driving a car across the desert is truly a spectacular challenge. You can spend the night in the luxurious Arabian tents, cook yourself, enjoy local delicacies and watch the stars.

Walking along Doha and riding dhow boat

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The Doha Corniche 7 km walk along Doha Bay is a great experience for late afternoons. You can drink coffee, fly kite or take a photo at the pearl shell statue, Qatar past symbol. Do not forget to take a dhow- a traditional vehicle here.

Visiting Souq Waqif in Doha


To feel the atmosphere of a world gone by, nothing better than this "market standing". Here you can easily get lost in the labyrinth of fabric shops, spices, sweets, household items, souvenirs, handicrafts. Not only that, you can find a traditional costume of Qatar men and enjoy a cheap Arabian meal.

Visiting the Museum of Islamic Art


Built on an independent island so no new building obstructs sight, the museum looks like floating on the water. The massive collection of art exhibited here dates back to the 7th and 19th centuries. The outdoor area on the top floor of the museum can give you great views of Doha and the chance to enjoy fine dining.

Visiting Al Zubara Fortress and deserted villages

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It is the first UNESCO World Heritage Site of Qatar, exploring Al Zubarah Fort and archaeological works around helps you understand the history and culture of Qatar. The fortress overlooks the ancient fishing town of Al Zubarah, where merchants from China arrived in the United Kingdom about 200 years ago. Now, despite being abandoned, they are still very seductive.

Attending sports events


Being the host of the largest football festival in the world, Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar is ready to welcome you to the 2022 World Cup. Other sporting events like ATP World Tour, Qatar Moto Grand Prix, World Superbikes, Qatar Masters Golf Tournament. Also, do not forget the traditional Qatar sports such as Arabian horse race or camel racing.

Exploring Al Thakira mangrove forest

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This is a large mangrove forest with its own ecosystem, in the midst of a sandy desert hot and dry as scorching. Coming to this unique place in Qatar, the best way to experience nature here is kayaking through the shady green trees, to forget that you are in the middle of the desert.

Enjoying life at The Pearl


An artificial island off the coast of Doha, The Pearl was built on an area of nearly 4 million square meters, including the most luxurious residential areas, commercial outlets, amusement parks. The picturesque Qanat Quartier was inspired by the Mediterranean with colorful apartments, canals, bridges, pedestrian squares, restaurants, cafes.


qatar-9 qatar-9-9

Qatar does not lack a place to shop. You can go to Villagio Mall with over 200 stores. However, as inspired by Venice (Italy), sailing on the canals in the house is the most attractive here. You can also visit the Doha Festival City, the largest shopping centre in Qatar, or the luxurious Al Hazm, blending Arabic traditional style with European design.

Admiring “East-West / West-East” artwork

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With a passion for culture and art, Qatar has always been "dedicated" to world-renowned artists who create unique works. In the middle of the sandy desert in the Brouq nature reserve is the sculptor Richard Serra's "East-West / West-East". Both local people and tourists are flocking to see this unique, impressive scene.

By: Oralie Smith

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