Why does Phuket Island attract international tourists?

Three missing tourist boats in Phuket (Thailand) make international tourists panic. Learn why Phuket attracts tourists through the following locations.


Phuket is one of the main tourist islands of Thailand where caters to all needs of relaxation or exploration for international guests. Visitors often come to Thailand in small groups by the famous sea island where the beautiful scenery breathes. Not to mention many adventurous activities, discover the special nature for passionate travellers to explore.


Phang Nga Bay: A popular destination that has appeared in many Hollywood movies. This is an island bay with unique terrain with many white sand beaches, beautiful limestone islands protruding between the jade green sea. Take a boat to explore the bay, you will encounter the limestone islands encircled by green forests and rich flora.

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The most popular tourist attraction is James Bond Island. Standing in the middle of the island bay, the beautiful nature is better than in the movies that appear before the eyes of the limestone island growing in the middle of the sea. Phuket is also famous for Koh Panyee, a floating fishing village in the middle of the bay.


Koh Phi Phi Island: Only when sailing, visitors can reach the most charming island in Thailand. Phi Phi Island is located in the middle of the sea surrounded by rocky cliffs. Especially, the rainy season in Thailand starting from May 5-10, so when planning to explore the island's bays here visitors should thoroughly watch the weather forecast to ensure safety.


Maya Bay in Koh Phi Phi is the most attractive place for bathing tourists. CNN ranked places in Phuket as one of the world's most beautiful places for boat discoveries.


Big Buddha statue in Chalong: The big Buddha statue is the most famous sight that every visitor to Phuket often visits. The 45-meter high Buddha statue at a cost of 30 million baht is located on Nakkerd Hill. At this spiritual destination, you can admire the panoramic view of the beautiful Phuket Island.


Patong Beach: Famous beach located west of Phuket. It is known as the paradise of sea tourism with full of sports under the sea. You will experience a full holiday with a lot of daytime-to-night activities because it is always busy and crowded.


Bangla Steet at Patong Beach has many things to explore. The nightlife street is always bright with beer bars, clubs and entertainment activities. You can buy everything you need, enjoy a few glasses of wine, cold beer amid cool sea air.


Karon View Point Hill: This is also known as Three-beach View Point, which is the perfect spot to see the three most beautiful beaches in Phuket - Patong, Kata, Karon. This famous hill attracts a large number of tourists to watch the sunrise and sunset.


Old Phuket Town: Located in the heart of Phuket, this tranquil old town brings you to the quiet, ancient atmosphere amidst the villas of Chinese and Portuguese design.


Take a walk around the old town to enjoy traditional Thai street food. Guests can also shop or date at local restaurants in the town.

By: Judith Edwards

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