Where are 6 most interesting US markets located?

American culture is associated with supermarkets and fast food. However, when you have more time to visit in the US, you can explore the busy market as a unique destination in your travel.

Seafood Market in Washington D.C


Born in 1792, the fishing harbor in Washington, DC, is one of the busiest and busiest food markets in the United States.


When you come here, "culinary guests" will enjoy the lobster, jumbo crab, oyster and many other things. All of them are fresh and the stalls are all the same price, so there is no price competition but just smiles and promotional items.

Flea Market in Kissimmee (Florida)


In the city of Kissimmee visitors will be "lost" in the parks of Walt Disney. Luxury resorts have a lot of shopping malls. A "travel experience" is that you can take a taxi to the flea market of the city to buy Florida-branded gifts, Mickey Mouse's and hundreds of other things at very reasonable prices, sometimes only one fifth of the price in the resort with the same product.

The best time to go is on weekends because this market has a lot of buyers and sellers. Besides the items that are sold regularly, there are sometimes many "sale off" shops as well as many unusual items appearing that are not easy to find elsewhere.

Vietnamese market in Little Saigon (Westminster, California)


Around 1978, Bolsa Avenue became the centerpiece of Little Saigon thanks to the first established Vietnamese businesses until June 17, 1986, the mayor of Westminster was Chuck Smith. The road signs were then placed on the Garden Grove (Freeway 22) around the area to indicate the existence and development of a Vietnamese community on the land.

Fremont Street Experience (Las Vegas, Nevada)


If Las Vegas is called the "Sin City," this Fremont Street Experience is also considered one of the places where sin is born. In this area, many "decoys" stand along the way distributing leaflets that introduce "funny places" available to all sexes with sufficient requirements in accordance with state law.

Food and Fruit Market in Honolulu (Hawaii)

Located in the Chinatown of the Honolulu Capital Islands, this market offers a variety of food and goods from Asia and Hawaii including meat, seafood, tea, clothing, jewelry and kukui beads.


The market has two floors, with many shops selling local Hawaiian dishes, cuisines from different Asian and Pacific countries, and even from Italy. Of course, pineapple will be a never-absent item here as well as fast-food combinations like pineapple pizza, pineapple hamburger and pineapple juice.

French Market in New Orleans (Louisiana)


In 1791, the French Market was formed from trading with Native Americans along the Mississippi River. Then it continued to develop into a cultural and commercial center for New Orleans, when French and Spanish colonists opened the market for merchant ships and merchants from around the world to do business.


Today, the French Market has become one of the most popular destinations in the city. Many restaurants, restaurants and outdoor dining spaces are available to suit all tastes from snacks to hearty meals and even packaged to home-made meals. New Orleans's iconic cuisine is Café Du Monde, African Coffee, Choctaw, Po-boys, Jambalaya, Oysters and Crawfish.

By: Judith Edwards

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