What to do if you have only 24 hours in Singapore?

Here is a perfect suggestion if you only have one day in the Merlion Island.


Singapore, located just south of Malaysia, is a small island nation suitable for exploring in one day. With just half the size of London and one-third the size of Hong Kong, the country attracts tourists thanks to its warm weather and fresh air.

1. Places to visit

Gardens by the Bay


This is definitely where you should visit if you come to Singapore. Gardens by the Bay features the largest casino ecosystem in the Merlion Island Nation. With an area of over 100 hectares, Gardens by the Bay is designed as a dome as impressive shells. The park system is divided into three areas: Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central.

Come here, in addition to enjoying the most unique architecture in Singapore or admiring the strange plants, visitors also have the opportunity to watch special show from Supertree Grove starts at 19: 45. And the power for this performance is absorbed from the sun during the day.

Fort Canning Park


Fort Canning Park is located in central Singapore. Tourists can walk from many hotels around to visit. It contains over 500 years of history in Singapore with many archaeological excavations or monuments from the British colonial era. You can walk along Canning Fort to visit beautiful natural beauties and ancient military barracks with gunpowder shops. Visitors can visit the Keramat Iskander Syah, the burial place of a Malaysian emperor.

Mariamman Temple


Located at 244 South Bridge Road, Chinatown, Sri Mariamman is the oldest and most important temple of Singapore. This temple worshiped Mariamman, the god of protection and healing for the people. Built in 1827 and repaired many times, this Hindu temple is considered a cultural pride of people in the Merlion island nation.



Chinatown in Singapore appeared in 1820 when Chinese merchant ships docked at the Singapore port. In addition to the outstanding architecture of Chinese culture such as restaurants, temples and pagodas, this street is a diverse food market. Some of the things you should not miss here include Tiong Bahru Meng Kee, Odeon, Geylang Lor, Katong Keah Kee and Cheng Kee.

2. Cuisine

Crispy fried chicken


Arrive in Singapore and try some delicious fried chicken. There are nearly 30 shops with crispy fried chicken very attractive in the Merlion Island Nation and certainly guests should go to Chinatown to enjoy the excellent taste of this dish.

In addition, you can also choose typical chicken rice of this country. However, this is also the dish originated from Hainan Island, China because in ancient times, most Singaporeans were Chinese.

Frog porridge - Geylang Lor


This is a dish you eat once and remember forever in this country. Frog porridge is made from fresh frog meat, with the characteristic aroma of spicy chili. Geylang is famous for its famous frog porridge.

Singapore Sling


Singapore Sling is the most popular cocktail in Singapore. It appeared in the early 1910s and is made from pomegranate juice, pineapple juice and cherry wine. This drink is mainly for women.

By: Roxana Edwards

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