Wadi Rum – Valley of the Moon that attracts the rich to visit Jordan

Wadi Rum, the most beautiful desert Jordan suddenly became famous on social networks thanks to countless check-in photos.

Wadi Rum - arid desert or valley of the moon? Wadi Rum, known also as Romantic Valley, is a valley cut into the sandstone and granite rock in southern Jordan 60 km the east of Aqaba and is the largest valley in Jordan. As a small desert on the edge of the Sahara, Wadi Rum of Jordan as a peaceful and gentle version of the Sahara. The Mediterranean breath swept through the dry Jordanian villages and cities and blew into Wadi Rum a little liberal sea breeze, making the climate somewhat less harsh. Surrounded by low rocky mountains, it is unknown from when the Jordanians called Wadi Rum by the beautiful name: the moonlit valley. 


Just near Wadi Rum, Petra citadel was sleeping peacefully like a Jordanian treasure covered by desert gold sand. The magnificent architectural works carved into stone by countless sculpted lines, Petra is like a gate scene leading to another world, possibly heaven or hell. 


With locals, Wadi Rum is not only a dusty, arid and harsh desert. Wadi Rum as a gateway to the Sahara probably also witnessed trade delegations on the silk road connecting East and West thousands of years ago. Now, even though there is no trade path, Wadi Rum still earns money for the local people, thanks to the development of tourism. 

Desert tourism - the emerging trend of the rich 


Already familiar with the vibrant and vibrant destinations such as romantic Paris, New York, ancient Vienna or haughty London, the rich recently love to discover strange and interesting destinations such as Wadi Rum. 


In Wadi Rum, you can find a variety of pleasures, from commonage to luxury. You can stroll the desert on camels or cross spectacular sand dunes with luxury vehicles, enjoy a rich Jordanian dinner in the desert sunset or watch the brilliant night sky in the 'bubble trees'. 


'Bubble tree' is a transparent 'hotel' with full facilities located in the desert or wilderness, reserved for the rich kids who like to explore the night sky with millions of brilliant stars. Here, you can enjoy Jordan's delicious BBQ lamb and salads, sip some top-notch wines in the desert sand like the native nomads. 


In addition to the luxurious bumble trees, visitors can also choose to go camping and overnight in Wadi Rum at a cheaper price. The campfire roared between immense desert, grilled lamb, goat wine, Wadi Rum wind and telling stories of old times must be some unforgettable experience in life. 


By: Grace White

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