8 beautiful underground hotels to visit

Experiencing the world's most luxurious and classy accommodation in the underground hotels will give you an impressive and truly memorable vacation.

Grand Canyon Caverns Suite Hotel


Grand Canyon Caverns Suite is one of the largest, deepest and darkest hotels in the world, located about 220m from the ground. Currently, the resort consists of 48 rooms with beds, bathrooms and a living area. It is said that this is the deepest, the largest dry cave in the US survived so far. The price of a room is about 850 USD / two people.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, Arkansas


With an area of 6,000 square meters in the Cliffside cave of the Ozark Mountains, the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge offers guests sleep in bungalows just below the ground. Each house is fully equipped with utilities. Each room can accommodate up to 10 people and rates are around $ 1,600 per night.

Kokopellis Cave, New Mexico


Built in the towering cliffs of the Tertiary Ojo Alamo sandstone and overlooking the valley of the La Plata River, the Kokopellis cave is about 21 meters from the ground. Today, Kokopellis Cave has become one of the most ideal resorts in Mexico with an area of approximately 510 m2 including a master bedroom, kitchen, bathroom designed with stone walls surrounded. One night for staying here is about 310 USD / 2 people.

Cumberland Caverns, Tennessee


Discovered by geologists in 1810, the Cumberland Caverns has an ample space for up to 250 people. This underground resort includes a central chandelier, bedroom system, convenient bathroom, and fast food stall. Overnight stay costs about 40 USD / person, breakfast included.

Desert Cave, Coober Pedy


The Desert Cave was discovered by opal miners in 1915, and in 1984, the construction of the underground hotel was commenced. In 1988, the Desert Cave Hotel was officially opened with 19 spacious underground bedrooms, high ceilings and a system of basement shops, cafes, bars, and game rooms. Double room rate is 260 USD per night.

La Dimora di Metello, Italy


One of the most luxurious hotels in Italy located underground, the La Dimora di Metello Hotel is well known for its uniquely designed rooms. Its price is 200 USD / night / 2 people.

Silvermine Underground Suite, Sweden


This hotel is located at a depth of nearly 160m underground. The hotel is called, but it has only one room equipped with a double bed, gilded furniture and champagne. Stay in that room, you can not use the phone. The only way to communicate with the outside world is with a personal radio connected to the reception room on the ground. Because of the unique location, the price of this hotel room is not cheap for 450 USD/ night.

La Claustra, Suisse


La Claustra is one of the famous hotels located in the Alps with 17 bedrooms. In addition to the uniquely designed bedroom, the hotel also features a sauna, restaurant and swimming pool. Price range is about 750 USD / night / 2 people.

By: Roxana Edwards

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