Unlike Ronaldo, Messi is always with his family during the trips

Argentine legend is always associated with the image of a loved husband and father on the family memorable trips.


Lionel Messi not only won the admiration of football lovers for his outstanding talent but also made the public admire the fairy tale love with his 20-year close friend Antonella Roccuzzo. 


The Instagram page of Messi and Antonella is filled with happy and peaceful family photos. No airplane, no luxury yachts or no expensive meals when sharing photos online, images of the family vacation of Messi show up is the smiles, loving look and lovely of the three children. 

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Most recently, the couple celebrated their wedding in their hometown of Rosario, Argentina, in June 2017. The Messi family has spent a sweet and warm honeymoon at the Jumba Bay resort, the Caribbean Sea. 

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For the family to enjoy a complete and safe travel, Messi has rented a resort and a large apartment near 400 m2 with facilities such as swimming pool, massage room. Messi spends a lot of time looking at the beauty of the sea with his wife and playing with his older sons - Thiago, Mateo and the dog - Mastiff at the pool overlooking the sea in the apartment. 

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In the last days of the honeymoon, Luis Suarez’s couple, his close team-mate at Barcelona, joined the Messi family. 

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To commemorate Thiago's fourth birthday, Messi took his family to Disneyland in Paris in October, 2016. This is definitely an ideal gift for the boy because the land of Disneyland always conquers the guests with fairy castles and many familiar characters such as Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. 


The summer of 2016 is also the time of the great Messi family with yachting holiday in Ibiza (Spain). Although at the moment, Messi was caught up in tax evasion and suffered a third successive defeat in the Copa America final. This family gathering helped him relax and nurture for new tournaments. 


In addition, the Argentine superstar has many social activities related to tourism. Messi was selected as Ambassador of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to promote the "Responsible Travel" model in April 2018. He is hailed as a good example of football talent and a character who influences the promotion of the values and benefits of travel. Photo: UNWTO. 

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In February, 1974, Messi arrived in Egypt as a goodwill ambassador for the "Travel and Medical" initiative. With this campaign, people around the world can go to Egypt for hepatitis C, combining to visit the famous landscape of the country without spending much money and time. Photo: CairoScene. 

By: Scarlet Johnson

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