Turkey - Country of historical vestiges

Turkey is a great destination for those who love romantic, poetic yet mysterious, nostalgic of the historical sites.



Aphrodisias is a small city built in ancient Greece, not far from Geyre village in Turkey. The city was named after the goddess of love Aphrodite in Greek mythology. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2017 thanks to historical value. At present, Aphrodisias preserves a portion of its earlier architecture, especially the design of large gates and theaters.



After about an hour traveling from Izmir, you will reach the peaceful village Şirince, where the former Greek inhabited. The main architecture in Şirince is the old stone houses hidden under green trees. All the roads in the village are lined with pebbles. When you are in the village of Şirince, you will feel like living in ancient space.



If you love Turkey, you should visit the historical town of Hasankeyf as soon as possible as it is going to disappear when the city’s hydropower dam project is under construction. The town is home to many ancient caves, mosques with exceptional historical value and amazing architecture.



Your companion in Eğirdir is the mountains, the green grass and the lake. Lake Eğirdir located on the famous St Paul Trail is a perfect spot for your summer. You will feel very relaxed when admiring the beauty of nature here. Visiting Eğirdir, you can also visit relics from the Greek-Roman times such as Sagalassos and Antioch (Pisidia).



The rest of the old city Ani will be a breathtaking destination for those who love exploring tourism, especially those who like to study history. The city of Ani is nestled in the middle of a beautiful valley, with deep canyons and open hills. Once the flourishing capital of the Bagratid Armenia Kingdom, the remaining churches and citadels in Ani still fascinate visitors with their wild, simple beauty.



Lake Van, Turkey's largest lake, is an indispensable hint for those who love to travel close to nature. The most famous spot for sightseeing here is Akdamar Island, where the Holy Cross Cathedral was built in the 10th century. If you come here early in the spring, you will have the opportunity to admire an romantic setting with purple flowers growing on the shore and the mountains covered in white snow - a bit traces left by the last winter.



Termessos is one of the best preserved ancient areas in Turkey. This land’s nature and architecture will overwhelm any visitor. At an altitude of 1000 meters, you can sit at the Opera House and admire the mesmerizing view of the surrounding mountains and forests.



The ancient city Olympos has almost everything you would need in a tourist city, from blue beaches to historical monuments. You can enjoy the beautiful view of spectacular mountains and dense forest. After a day relaxing on the white sand, you can visit the historic Lycian to understand more about this lovely city.



Ishak Pasha Palace was built between 1685 and 1784. Ishak Pasha is also a rare palace architecture that is still preserved in Turkey. Although it was built hundreds of years ago, the palace still keeps such magnificent appearance between majestic mountains.


By: Archie Henderson

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