Traveling around 11 bizarre museums in India

There are countless attractive museums in India to welcome visitors.

Sulbah Toilet Museum, New Delhi


Sulabh Toilet Museum is the only Indian toilet museum located in New Delhi and of course you will not have to smell rotten waste. Founded in 1992 by sociologist Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, the collection displays the history of the toilet from 2500 BC until the 20th century. It is sorted by age, developmental information, accompanying toiletries, habits and how to use the toilet of each period. If you are not interested enough, enjoy the literature by stories, comic books and poetry about the toilet in the museum.

Human Brain Museum, Bengaluru


Human Brain Museum, located on the ground floor of National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences (Nimhans) in Bengaluru, displays human brain and some animal species. Each specimen collected provides insight into brain research for over 30 years.

Magic Museum, Guwahati


Mayong is a small village in Guwahati, rich in history and home to a community of magicians. Although today the number of members is not much, a visit to find some magic legacy still on display at the museum in Mayong and Emporium will take you back in time flow back to flourishing stage.

Shankar’s International Dolls Museum, New Delhi

One of the nearly 7,000 dolls at Shankar's International Dolls Museum

The gift was a Hungarian doll that brought K Shankar Pillai to the collection of dolls from all the countries the animator had come across. In 1965, he opened the Shankar International Doll Museum with 50 dolls. Today, the number is 6700 from 85 countries.

INS Kurusura Submarine Museum

Kurusura is a rare submarine that is brought to the shore.

India's submarine now no longer performs missions and is converted into submarine to help depict submarine life. The more interesting point is that Kurusura is located entirely on the ground rather than floating like some other submarines on display.

Kite Museum, Ahmedabad


It is the only kite museum in India opened in 1986 with the private collection of Bhanubhai Shah. The kites were made of paper, nylon, cotton, bamboo tiny or giant kites are placed throughout the walls. Many of them are hand-painted religious figures and real characters like Mahatma Gandhi.

Losel Doll Museum, Dharamsala

Losel dolls are characteristic of Tibet, contributing to the culture of the mysterious land of the Himalayan plateau.

The largest collection of Losel dolls in the world is in the Tibetan monastery at Norbulingka, Dharamsala. The dolls were handmade by monks at the Drepung Loseling monastery. The 1983 Losel Doll Project is also one of many movements in preserving the territory, preserving Tibetan culture and customs.

Desert Museum, Jodhpur

One of the musical instruments of the desert

At Arna Jharna (Desert Museum), unlike the conventional way, people unload glass boxes and take things to open space. Inaugurated in 2003 by Komal Kothari folklorists and oral historians at an abandoned sandstone mine, the museum displays life in the desert, including traditional art forms, musical instruments, plants and herbs.

Urusvati Museum of Folklore, Gurgaon


The Indian version of Romeo and Juliet can be found at Urusvati Museum of Folklore in Gurgaon (just over 30km from New Delhi). Situated in the suburbs, the museum looks like a farm built in the haveli architecture of Rajasthani (northwest India). Inaugurated in 1999, the museum has a rich collection of tales about love and hero. Most of them are hand-written very nicely on paper like paintings.

Metal Utensils Museum, Ahmedabad


Those who love home-made kitchens and utensils would love to visit the Utensils Museum, created in 1981 by architects Surender C Patel and VECHAAR. Inside the museum are pots of pots, pans, kettles, spice boxes, children's cups, pots for whipping cream and so on.

Sudha Cars Museum, Bengaluru


The childhood associated with the car engine has put Sudhakar Yadav built his own car. The machinist's finished work was exhibited at the Sudha Cars Museum. The cars are quite strange shapes such as sofas, high heels, cigarettes, cameras and even condoms. Each vehicle has information about the time of manufacture as well as speed.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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