Top 5 of the most worth-living cities in the US?

Surpassing 124 cities, Austin, Texas’ state capital leads the ranking of the most worth-living places in the United States. Meanwhile, Colorado has two cities in the top five.


U.S. News & World Report, ranked 125 of the nation's most populous metropolitan areas to find the most worthy cities to live. The average score on the scale is based on a 10-point scale, based on indicators of value, job market, quality of life, the expectation of living and net migration rate.


1. Austin (Texas):

With a history dating back to 1839, the state capital of Texas is one of the fastest-growing urban areas in the United States. In the ranking of the most worthy cities to live in the country, the city nearby Colorado Riverside leads the chart with a total of 7.7. Austin attracts people with outdoor spaces and lively cultural institutions.


Dubbed the capital of live music, Austin has many music venues, local bands and live music festivals for everyone to enjoy. Residents can also escape the bustle of urban life with strolling, cycling, kayaking... in over 250 parks. Austin also has the University of Texas, one of the largest public universities in the United States.


2. Colorado Springs (Colorado):

Not a well-known cultural and economic center like some of Colorado's great metropolitan areas, Colorado Springs has its own charm of tranquility. It now has new residential areas, schools, parks, and cultural attractions. The average score for Colorado Springs is 7.6.


Colorado Springs has great natural advantages, attracting many visitors. The beautiful mountain scenery is very suitable for outdoor activities. You can admire the geological features of the magnificent red sandstone at the Garden of the Gods, or watch the spectacular Seven Falls. Aspen Ski Resort and Vail is another popular Colorado Springs’ destinations that travelers should not miss.


3. Denver (Colorado):

Located at an altitude of about 1,600 m, it is nicknamed Mile High City, which is 1 mile high. Denver is also a popular destination for ski enthusiasts in the winter. The city has a score of 7.5 in living standards.


Denver has more than 2,000 acres of parkland, trails, golf courses, etc. These prominent green spaces are a favorite in Denver. Music is also an integral part of life here. Denver recorded the famous band such as The Fray and Big Head Todd and the Monsters. Every year, the city is home to the Great American Beer Festival, hosting more than 3,800 types of beer from 800 brewers across the country.


4. Des Moines (Iowa):

Built in the early 1900s in an elegant Tudor-style building, nestled in quiet neighborhoods not far from the bustling city center. Many trails, the park of the city gives you great outdoor recreation opportunities such as hiking, camping... Des Moines's average score is 7.3.


Cultural events and festivals in Des Moines attract all ages to the downtown area. There is no shortage of unique shops, restaurants, local bars... If you love sports such as baseball, basketball, or hockey, go to Des Moines to attend exciting sports events and tournaments here.


5. Fayetteville (Arkansas):

Fayetteville is located in a thriving area, transforming itself from a small town into a prestigious university, business, and cultural center. Nestled in the Ozark Mountains, the city has 36 parks and 16 natural areas with an area of about 1,700 hectares. 7.3 is the average score of Fayetteville.


Fayetteville residents are also very interested in art. The Walton Arts Center on Dickson Street boasts a vibrant Broadway stage. The nearby TheaterSquared also welcomes more than 30,000 visitors per year. Public green spaces, playgrounds, parks and walking trails help bring the richness of outdoor activities.

By: Jonath Martin

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