Top 10 tourist attractions in Chile

Situated between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, Chile has a 4,300-km coastline with many unique tourist destinations such as deserts, glaciers and numerous volcanoes.

1. Easter Island


One of the "lonely" islands in the world, Easter Island is located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. The island is famous for its 887 statue named Moai, created by the Rapanui people centuries ago. The Moai statues weigh up to 75 tons and a height of about 10 meters, there is a statue weighing 270 tons with a height of 21 m. In addition, the island is a diving and surfing paradise with two volcanoes and some beautiful beaches.

2. Lauca National Park


The park is located north of the Andrea Mountains, and is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Chile. The most popular attraction in Lauca is Lago Chungará, one of the highest lakes in the world. The two volcanoes of Volcán Parinacota and Pomerape are located just above the border with Bolivia.

3. Pucón


This is a famous tourist town in Chile thanks to the scenic landscape with lakes and volcanoes. Pucón also attracts visitors with a variety of sports and leisure activities such as water skiing, skiing, sailing, horseback riding, swimming at hot springs and conquering Villarrica volcano.

4. Torres del Paine National Park


Located between the Andes and the Patagonia in southern Chile, the park has a diverse landscape, rich fauna and flora, glaciers, dense forests, countless lakes and falls. The highlight is in the park are 3 peaks of granite, the highest peak is 2,500 m.

5. Valle de la Luna


Located in the desert of Atacama, the desert is the result of wind and floods on sand and rocks over the centuries. Large sand dunes and huge rock masses resemble the surface of the moon, which is the root of the name meaning "Valley of the Moon".

6. San Rafael Glacier


Giant glacier located in Laguna San Rafael National Park. Guests can only arrive by boat or plane. The boat journey is interesting, through the narrow canals of the remote Aisén region.

7. Valparaíso


Located in the Pacific coast of central Chile, Valparaíso is famous for its colorful houses, bohemian culture and stunning sea views. Built on dozens of untouched hills overlooking the sea, Valparaíso is a maze of streets, cobblestone alleys and rich architectural and cultural heritage.

8. Chiloe Cathedral


Chiloe is famous for its cathedral architecture called Chilota. This is a combination of Aboriginal style and the influence of the European Jesuits. Hundreds of churches in the area made of wood, built in the 17th century. Many of these churches were damaged, the rest were renovated to serve tourism.

9. Los Penguin penguin population


It is the largest populations of penguins in Chile with more than 120,000 species of Magellanic penguins. Located on the island of Magdalena with an area of 1 km2, 35 km from north-east of Punta Arenas, where penguin migrations occur in September, October each year. By the end of March, the penguins return to the sea.

10. Cerro San Cristóbal


A hill is located in north of Santiago with magnificent cityscape and majestic Andes. At the top of the hill is a high church and 22-m Virgin Mary statue of Mary Magdalene. Cerro San Cristóbal also has the Parque Metropolitano, Santiago's largest park with a botanical garden, zoo and 2 swimming pools.

By: Roxana Edwards

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