Top 10 world's most powerful passports in 2018

Henley & Partners, a global citizenship and planning firm announces the Henley Passport Index.

German passports surpassed Singapore with a list of 177 visa-free countries. The remaining countries in the list co-ranked third with 175 visa-free countries. 

No.1. Germany 


Currently German citizens can be visited 177 countries without a visa. In addition to owning a power passport, Germany is one of the most attractive destinations in the world for its diversity of destinations. Germany now has over 40 heritage sites recognized by UNESCO. 

No.2. Singapore 


Singapore is following Germany on the ranking of countries with the most power passports in the world. Singapore citizens are currently exempted from visas in 176 countries. Lion Island is also an attractive destination for tourists with incredible architecture, bustling commercial centers and impressive entertainment areas. 

No.3. Sweden 


Ranked the third place is Sweden - a Nordic country are always one of the most attractive destinations in the world with many interesting things. Swedish citizens are exempted from visas to 175 countries around the world. Co-ranked with Sweden on the list are the UK, France, Japan, Italy, Denmark, Finland and Norway. 

No.4. Japan 


Co-ranked third in the list of the 10 most powerful passports in the world, Japanese citizens are also exempted from visas to 175 countries. In addition to the interesting destinations, the values of living the human spirit of the Japanese also make the country become more attractive. 

No.5. Denmark 


Currently Danish passports are exempted from visas to 175 countries. It is also considered one of the "happiest countries in the world". However, travel costs to Denmark are quite expensive. 

No.6. Finland 


Finland is the next country in the ranking with 175 visa-free countries. It is also one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe. Finland is famous for its beautiful landscapes, friendly people and rich hospitality. 

No.7. France 


Another representative from Europe, the passport of France also exempted visas to 175 countries. This is one of the most romantic destinations in the world with its vibrant tulip fields and magnificent ancient palaces. 

No.8. Italy 


Italy is a reference to the famous pizza and leaning tower of Pisa. Citizens from the "land of pizza" own pink passports are visa-free by 175 countries. 

No.9. England  


British passports are also exempt from visas to 175 countries. After Brexit, the British government decided to remove the EU stamp on the passport after leaving the country in 2019. 



Norway is a constitutional monarchy. This is known as the "sunrise at midnight" because the summer sun in Norway is unlikely to descend through the horizon. At present, Norway is classified as one of the world's most prosperous countries. Norwegian citizens are exempted from visas by 175 countries. 

By: Roxana Edwards

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