Top 10 affordable tourist destinations in 2018 (Part II)

Epic but affordable travel destinations such as Malaysia, Chile and Peru are the perfect choices for an exciting cheap holiday in 2018.



The hospitality of Italy, the beautiful mountains of Austria, the delicacies of the Istrians, Slovenia have all that at an attractive price. You can enjoy Mediterranean delicacies, visit the capital of Ljubljana and the beautiful town of Bled or travel to the famous Goriška Brda wine region here. A 5-star trip to Slovenia with a 3-star budget is waiting for visitors. Photo: Tomas Kulaja / Shutterstock. 



Not only being a paradise for nature lovers, Nepal is also an attractive cheap destination. The 3-star hotel in Nepal costs only $ 10 per night and the eating cost per day is about $ 9. When arriving in Nepal, visitors can explore the scenery of marvelous temples, secluded villages, majestic jungles and mountains. Photo: Olga Danylenko / Shutterstock. 



Sharing a border with Greece and a ferry ride away from Italy is the Adriatic country known as Albania. Home to many castles, jaw-dropping coastlines, and the Albanian Alps, this under-the-radar country is great for shoestring travelers. In Albania, tourists can take part in long hiking tours, visit national parks or large fortresses, stay at 3 star hotels for $ 17 per night, enjoy decent meals with the price of about a few dollars and travel by cheap available public transport. Photo: Aleksandar Todorovic / Shutterstock. 



Filled with stunning architecture, Mayan ruins, colonial towns, volcanoes, and more, this small Central American country is known for its natural beauty and warm hospitality. Keen travelers can find three-star accommodations and three meals for as little as $25 per day–much cheaper than nearby countries such as Costa Rica or Panama. As a fantastic backpacking destination, Guatemala deserves to be on every budget traveler's radar. If you are looking for a place to stay overnight, give Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel a try. It is a 19-bungalow property built in the middle of jungle bliss; it's a fantastic place to stay. 


Sri Lanka 

This tiny island country, dubbed “the pearl of the Indian Ocean", is one of the perfect options for a vacation on budget with warm weather and stunning views awaiting visitors. . In Sri Lanka, travelers can find three-star hotels priced at $ 17 for one night. In addition, meals are inexpensive and budget travelers can enjoy three square meals from $9 per day. Sri Lanka is lesser-traveled than other countries nearby, such as India and Thailand, meaning that more authentic experiences are there to welcome visitors. Photo: Givaga / Shutterstock. 

By: Christina Baker

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