This summer, have you traveled to Morocco?

This summer, if you intend to visit this wonderful country, make sure you know the interesting experiences below.

1. Get lost in the mesmerizing architectures

Moroccan buildings are famous worldwide for their unique charm. From intricate carvings, classic domes to colors and interiors… these are the wonders you have never seen in modern buildings. Churches, temples and palaces from the past are still intact and have never been renovated. You will recognize this by looking closely.



2. Discover the amazing riads

Riad is a typical type of house in Morocco. Looking from the outside, you will not know what is hidden behind the door. However, once you step in, you will be totally overwhelmed with the scenery inside. These riads completely help you escape the busy markets and hot air out there. In particular, riad beds will surround and rotate toward the yard of the house. In other words, the garden is completely located in the center. So, if you intend to travel Morocco, skip the hotel and try to stay in this kind of traditional home! This will definitely be a great experience.



3. Take a walk in medinas

Medinas are Moroccan traditional markets. Your senses will wake up when you walk into these quarters. Be careful because the medinas are really mazes. Let yourself be lost a little while checking out some handmade shops. If you intend to return with some souvenirs, you may want to "train" your ability to bargain.



4. Take photos in a blue city

Chefchaouen is a Moroccan city surrounded by a unique blue. From the walls, the doors, the paths to the houses… all carry different shades of blue. Surely this must be a place in your check-list when traveling to Morocco.



5. Buy a few eye-catching rugs

These stunning rugs in Morocco are sure to be the perfect souvenir to take home. The shopkeeper will invite you to enjoy some tea while you are overwhelmed by these beautiful arts that contain both Moroccan history and culture. These handmade rugs are art masterpieces, so make sure you buy at least one when traveling Morocco!



6. Ride a camel in the Sahara

You cannot claim to have traveled to Morocco without going to Sahara. To maximize your experience, try to explore the Sahara with a camel and soak in the sand during the day, then go out of the Sahara late at night to witness thousands of stars shining in the sky. Surely this will be the most memorable trip in your youthful years.



7. Enjoy mint tea

One day in Morocco will begin and end with the famous mint tea of the locals. For Moroccan people, tea means more than just a regular drink. According to The Spruce Eats, mint tea is a symbol of Moroccan hospitality. With simple ingredients such as tea powder, fresh mint, water and sugar, you will be surprised by the amazing flavor of this tea.



8. Visit other landscapes in Morocco

In addition, Moroccan is also famous with many other beautiful landscapes. If you have the opportunity to explore the whole of Morocco, you will know there are many majestic mountains, eye-catching beaches, gorgeous waterfalls and many highlands spreading throughout this South African country.






By: Emma Chavez

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