The world’s coolest shopping malls for shopaholics

Shopping has become a hobby and a means of entertainment. Today let's explore some of the grandest shopping malls of the world.

Shopping has become a hobby and a means of entertainment. Today let's explore some of the grandest shopping malls of the world.

Champs Élysées - France


Situated in Paris's 8th arrondissement, the Champs-Élysées is 1.915m long, 70m wide and lies on the Ax Historique, starting at Concorde Square and ending at Étoile Square. Considered to be the second Milano avenue, Champs Élysées Avenue is the convergence of the most famous fashion brands such as Hugo Boss, Cartier, Montblanc, Louis Vuitton...

Dubai Shopping Center


Dubai is the shopping paradise of the Middle East with more than 70 shopping centers, of which Dubai Mall is the seventh largest commercial center in the world.

Dubai is also famous for its markets on both banks of the Dubai Creek. Trains from the Far East, Sri Lanka, India, China will unload their goods here and sell them in markets near the pier. In Dubai, there are many souvenir shops and jewelry for tourists to shop around.

Marrakesh Market - Morocco


Marrakesh is an ancient city of Morocco that always brings many surprises and interesting things. The markets of Marrakesh are crowded with thousands of products. Numerous genuine leather products such as handbags, shoes, belts ... satisfy the taste of travelers who love leather or nomadic style.

In addition, the long-standing outdoor stalls at the main square in the night markets also make the place always busy and appealing to visitors.

Orchard Road - Singapore


Orchard Road with its shady trees and many shopping malls are selling from electronics to fashion brands and premium items. During the day, shoppers crammed up in shopping malls, and at night, Orchard Road becomes extremely lively and sparkling with lights everywhere.

Milan - the European fashion paradise


Shopping addicts definitely should not miss Milan. There are numerous trade centers, markets, shops, exhibitions and galleries.

The main shopping area in Milan is the Fashion Quadrangle between the Cavour, Duomo and Sanbabila squares, which are filled with brands such as Versace, Prada, Ferragamo, Gucci, Cavalli...

Downtown Dongdaemun - Seoul, Korea


Dongdaemun is the largest shopping mall in Asia with more than 30 shopping centers, as well as 27,000 retail and wholesale outlets. The target of Dongdaemun is mainly ladies. The most popular shopping centers are Migliore, Freya Town and Doosan Tower.

There is an abundance of young talented designers, at any time can be prepared to launch the latest designs. This is one of the must-see places if you are going to visit Seoul.

By: Isabella Lee

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