The world’s best landscapes in fall

If you are wondering where to visit this Fall, here are some recommendations for you to enjoy the most romantic season of the year.

Daigo-ji (Kyoto, Japan)


In Fall, the scenery all over Japan becomes poetic. One of the most romantic places is Daigo-ji. The temples by a river, surrounded by colorful streets and trees make a brilliant and poetic painting of nature in Daigo-ji.

Lake Ashi (Hakone, Japan)


Lake Ashi is located right at the mouth of Mount Fuji. In Fall, this lake is covered with all kinds of colors made by the surrounding trees. People come here to take a hot bath and to admire the scenery of Ashi as well as the sight of Fuji - the symbol of the country.

Skye (Scotland)


One of the factors that made Skye an appealing destination in Fall is its ideal climate. Apart from wild flowers, Skye fascinates visitors with countless cliffs of peculiar shapes. The scenery is unique with an odd combination of trees, flowers and rocks.

New Hampshire (USA)


Fall in New Hampshire is always picturesque. Plants change colors, making the grasslands, and the roads become more like a vibrant, vivid picture. Along with that are countless number of houses with various colors. In New Hampshire, many tourists prefer the experience of rowing along the lagoon to immerse themselves in the romantic setting.

Maramures (Romania)


Maramures is a land associated with many legends. When autumn comes, Maramures gives an impression of a slow-pace and romantic life because the place is the harmony of little houses and countless multicolored flowers. The region is like a picture of a peaceful life.

Seoraksan National Park (South Korea)


Like Japan, Korea is also an ideal destination in the Fall. Seoraksan Park in Gangwon Province is regarded as one of the most attractive places. It has the highest mountain in South Korea and is home to a red maple forest in Fall. Going on a getaway in the wilderness is something that travelers enjoy when they visit Seoraksan. Nightlife is also very attractive.

Central Park (New York, USA)


Nestled among the thousands of skyscrapers in New York, one of the world's most industrialized cities, is Central Park. Since its inception in 1857, this place has always been one of the most impressive destinations in the world. Here, Fall is very different because in addition to walking on the road covered with yellow leaves, watching the colorful trees, breathing in the cool wind, you can also ride horses, watch birds, ride bikes ... Yearly, millions of visitors stop at this 4-square-kilometer famous park. Central Park also becomes the top choice for filmmakers with a very romantic setting.

By: Jack Byrne

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