The US: looking from a race

Every May, people from around the world travel to Indianapolis, Indiana state to witness the biggest sporting event in the world - the Indy 500 racing circuit.


This event has a history of over 100 years and is one of the three most prestigious racing events in the world alongside Monaco Grand Prix of Formula 1 and Le Mans 24h. Although it is a highly international event, the Indy 500 shows the American culture.


The country of Christianity:

In the United States, there are many great sporting events and the participation of a Christian pastor to bless is very popular. This reflects the reality of the United States, with approximately 70% of the population claiming Christianity. Christianity has a profound influence on all aspects of American life so that no politician can run for president unless he can convince voters that he believes in the God.


Americans like a party:

Like many other sporting events, the Indy 500 is sometimes just an excuse for Americans to party. They see it as a festival to meet, eat and have fun. Many people carry trucks for food, drinks and tents in the middle of the track for parties.


Expressing patriotism:

The Indy 500 is celebrated on the Memorial Day weekend to honor those who died in military service so that the American flag can be seen everywhere.


Boasting military strength:

At Indy 500, following the speech of military generals and the national anthem is a performance of the B2 stealth bomber in the cheery cheers of the attendees. Such flyover performances are popular in American sporting events from professional to university tournaments. For many Americans, patriotism means loving the military. So at major sporting events, it's always a chance for Americans to show off their military power.


Personal freedom:

At Indy 500 you see a lot of styles from very conservative to extremely liberal, but no one noticed and bothered anyone. Americans regard individual freedom as a religion or a cause and as a foundation for all human rights.



Summer holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day or Labor Day are associated with activities such as partying, drinking and shopping. On every such occasion, the United States spends billions of dollars on decorations never reused, disposable items and food.


The privilege of white people:

Although in Indiana, whites make up a large proportion (over 80%), the dominance of the Indy 500 is not surprising. People of other color groups watch racing very rarely, although there are still black people doing services such as sales or cleaning. This reflects somewhat of the disparity between the rich and the poor as well as the opportunities among ethnic groups in the United States.


Rewarding for personal accomplishment:

In many cultures, each individual is given a great deal of respect by the society for his or her contribution to the common interests. This is similar in America. But especially in the United States, each individual is promoted simply because of his or her own rise and achievement whether it is beneficial to others.



Wherever Americans and Westerners are considered polite and civilized, keeping the hygiene in mind is certainly not a reality in the Indy 500.


Brog-Warner Cup:

The Indy 500's trophy has a unique tradition. In 1936, a trophy bearing the Borg-Warner title with the faces of the winners was introduced in that year's competition. Since then, the face of the championship on the silver Brog-Warner has become the tradition of the tournament every five years. The first original cup was exhibited at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.


Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum:

For more information about the Indy 500, visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, on the Indy 500 race track. The museum displays historical racing models as well as titles belonging to the prestigious Indy 500 race.



Indianapolis is known as Indy - in the name of the Indy 500 racecar. The city is famous for sporting events and celebrity events for music and cuisine. The city hosted the 1987 American Games, the NCAA Basketball Tournament, and the Allstate 400 and many other major American sporting events. Among them, the Indy 500 is the largest single sporting event, attracting 250,000 people a year.

By: Judith Edwards

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