The unluckiest traveler in the world

Jack Page from UK is called the unluckiest tourist in the world after a series of bad lucks in his journeys.


Jack Page, a 29-year-old freelance event specialist from Northampton, has spent many years traveling around the world. He called himself as the unluckiest tourist on the planet after having experienced a multitude of accidents. Photo: Caters News Agency. 


On a trip to Borneo (Indonesia) with his girlfriend Alice, the guy was stuck on an island where there was nothing but a closed shop. They both comforted each other that everything was going to be okay as they still had some food left in the luggage. But then, a group of komodo dragons appeared and cleaned their bags. Photo: Caters News Agency. 


'We tried to scare them off, but we were stuck for four days living on rations before a boat came back to the island.' Photo: Caters News Agency. 


Another unforgettable experience of Jack was when he was traveling in Myanmar:  'I saw a Burmese soldier threaten to shoot another tourist when our train derailed in the jungle. We were there for 36 hours and tempers frayed, especially as we got stuck in a part of Burma we were not supposed to stop in. A group of pompous young Brits started saying things like "I’m starting an engineering degree next year, let me tell you how to fix this" and getting in the way. I was also really annoyed at their behaviour’. Photo: Caters News Agency. 


'Eventually a bunch of local guys with a whole lot of strength managed to shove the train back onto the tracks. It was impressive to watch.'. Photo: Caters News Agency 


Talking about his troubles, Jack realized that those things seemed to come in a row. In 2016, Jack and his girlfriend visited India. When he was arguing with a tuk tuk driver about the price, a cow came from nowhere and suddenly chased at Alice, his girlfriend. Photo: Caters News Agency. 


Once, the unlucky guy was arrested in Ukraine in 2015 when he was enjoying his trip in Chernobyl, Ukraine. The poor Jack accidentally mingled in the middle of a political protest with more than 500 participants. The angry crowd threw potatoes towards the Parliament building. Photo: Caters News Agency. 


Jack stood in the crowd and he was arrested by the force. Fortunately, he was released after having cleaned up the potatoes and removed the photos of the protest that he had taken. Photo: Caters News Agency. 


Those bad lucks just scared Jack for a moment, and then he always forgets them quickly to continue his journeys. However, there was one accident which really made he think that he was going to die when he was trying to conquer the Mt. Everest in April, 2016. Photo: Caters News Agency. 

He was infected with giardiasis which resulted in serious disorders in the digestive system. The symptoms got worse, and the medicines appeared to have negative side effects. ‘I genuinely thought I was going to die when I was up there. I was already unsettled by the remains of the devastation caused by the earthquake and the tales of other climbers dying of altitude sickness.’ 


‘I was feeling terrible and the effects of the medication were very worrying. It was difficult to diagnose what was wrong with me and I was really struggling to walk. I was feeling terrible and the effects of the medication were very worrying. It was difficult to diagnose what was wrong with me and I was really struggling to walk. But still I lived through it and I’m here to tell the tale.’ Photo: Caters News Agency. 


Despite the series of ‘disasters’, Jack does not consider himself as an unhappy or a miserable guy. He always talks about his experiences with a huge passion. His girlfriend, Alice advised Jack to spend time at peaceful beaches to avoid the troubles. Jack is not a fan of safe and popular destinations, but he wants to discover and experience something new. Jack said he wanted to visit Afghanistan but his family was intensely opposed to his plan. Photo: News York Times.

By: Chris Stewart

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