The most beautiful old towns in Morocco

Morocco is the city of vibrant colors, of the unique Islamic architectural masterpieces in a bustling, hectic life.

In Morocco, people often call the area surrounded by walls as “medina”, which have been formed hundreds of years ago. This is the place where many local people live and work. There are also local markets for local produce trading. Besides, there are also handicraft villages such as wood carving brass, leather and wood.



Chefchaouen is a small mountainous town in North-Eastern Morocco, famous for a series of blue walls. Architecture in Chefchaouen is a mixture of Spanish and Moroccan style, with some similarities to the Mediterranean one.

The medina area in Chefchaouen is known as the most unique old town in the world because of its rich blue color from the houses built by the Jews who settled here in the 30s of last century.

Fes el Bali

To learn more about Moroccan culture, tourists often choose to visit the market because it reflects the way of life, customs, cuisine as well as people. Therefore, Fes el Bali is an attractive destination. It has an ancient market which is recognized as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 1981.

Fes el Bali is favored by travelers as "Mecca of the West", "Athens of Africa" ​​by the development in all aspects of the city in the past. The “medina” here has about 160,000 inhabitants living and working and thus is considered the largest urban center in the world.

Transportation is mainly by horses, donkeys, bicycles and motorcycles. In narrow alleys, visitors can see the colorful leather factories which unleashes unforgettable fragrance.

Land of the God - Marrakech


As one of the four important imperial cities, Marrakech is an impressive art and entertainment city of Morocco. Performers, acrobats, and musicians are always available to serve the visitors.

Here, visitors can visit Jemaa el-Fna square in front of the old town to see the street here with snake talkers, colorful vendor cars, tradition stores, or stores hanging clothes, leather, jewelry, carpets,...

Famous tourist city of Meknes


Meknes is considered one of the famous tourist cities of Morocco. Under the reign of King Moulay Ismail, this was once the capital of the kingdom, before Marrakech - the capital today.

There are many Spanish architectural works. The city is surrounded by tall walls with huge gates. Meknes has many unique historical sites, such as mosques and squares. The old market also attracts many tourists to visit.

Like other cities, the medina in Meknes is full of small streets filled with shops offering various items. Medina in this city is recognized as one of the five legacies of the world along with other medina in Morocco like as Fez, Tétouan, Marrakech, Essaouira.

By: Kyle Michelle

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