The design of Yale University Library protects ancient books from the sun

The unborn generation has to show their gratitude for architectures who design this work.

Library is the place for bookworms to enjoy is the fact. During centuries, the vital of social plays a key part in human development. It is actually positive is that there are a lot of firm libraries constructed in order to preserve the invaluable achievements for the future generation. 

Library of manuscript and Beinecke Rare Book  

In ancient times, Alexandria Library may be considered as one of the most modern library in this period, regarded as “the birthplace of the modern world”. We almost can’t imagine the tremendous loss of such a library about a lot of endeavor to build up and the rare book that it holds and conserver. 

In technology- driven world, we can’t imagine how our world would like if lacking Trinity University Library which is more than 300 year-old in Dublin as an outstanding example and it is also the place of preserving more than 200,000 books, including the Gospels Kell original. We are also impossible to imagine how our world  like if lacking Clementinum historical building in Czech Republic, which is regarded as the most beautiful library in the world. 

It’s the same with Library of manuscript and Beinecke Rare Book in the United States, called the name of “jewel case” or “Library of Anthropology”. 

Outside of the library 

Established in 1963, the library was belong to Yale University, located in the area of New Haven, Connecticut. During sun days, the special exterior design seems to be floating on the entrance gate at night. Modern architectural work is the place of preserving luxurious and rare books and literature documents. It is created as a gift from Beinecke family. With the capacity of itself capital provision, the library is independent in finance with Yale University, however, is under management of university’s library system along with Yale University Federation. 

The library in rainy day, the picture demonstrate 4 big pillars supporting the house in different angles 

This 6 floor building lifted form the ground, is covered with the outside lay of square and especially without windows. The library’s walls are made entirely from translucent marble panels. They let opaque light from outside in order to ensure for treasure book to be protected from direct sunlight. 

At night, the same panels allow the inside light leaking out which turns the appearance of library into a brilliant amber color. 

The exterior dimension of the building is designed with a perfect mathematical proportion, 1:2:3 respectively high: width: length. Inside of the building, the interior furniture is designed by American well-known architecture Florence Knoll. 

 Appearance with solid block of Beinecke, pointed with the Gothic twists of Yale Law School in the background  

Public gallery is one of the features of building where tourists can see the most precious stones at library and a remaining copy of Gutenberg Bible. This book starts Gutenberg Revolution in Europe, marking the dawn of the printed book era in Western. 

One floor in the building is now used as a garden where is full of Isamu Noguchi sculpture. There, the pyramid symbolizes the time, the sun is a plate and the cube symbolizes the change. 

 Patio Classic Nouveau Hewitt surrounded Beinecke 

Nowadays, Beinecke is one of the biggest building in the world attempting to preserve rare book and manuscript. Especially, only the center building preserves up to 180.000 books, in which there are more than 600.000 books reserved in basement. All collection of Beineckeare estimated to one million books and many singed editions. 

Furniture of mezzanine in Beinecke 

Library’s history can be looked back from the 19th century, soon after the first copies of valuable and rare book in Yale University Library are placed carefully in different shelves of College Library, now known as Dwight Hall. 

In 1918, this school was invested to design reading room for valuable and rare books which were opened in 1930. English professional in Yale is Chauncey Brewster Tinker, is famous for collecting a wide range of enormous works under co-operation of other Yale students. 

Until the end of 1960, this collection was up to 130.000 books, even more than signed editions. Contributing a great number of value for Yale in this time, Edwin and Frederick Beinecke along with Johanna Weigle are founders for this outstanding library which we can see today. 

What bookworms can admire today in Beinecke Library is actually enchanting. There is an amazing collection donated by King George III and referred as the King’s Library as well as valuable collections of American and German literature. 

Close view of the rare book in the library 

Benecke library also become a place to keep multiple different collections, like the book was published in Latin America of 1751, North America in 1821, but that is only a fraction of all the hidden treasure chests behind the walls of this structure. 


Along with the ancient papyrus books or letters of the Middle Ages, the scholars were completely accessible with the signed manuscripts of contemporary and more modern authors. Like other vast and grand library of the world, maybe we will have to take more lives adding up to read up all book here. 

By: Scarlet Johnson

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