The 10 must-visit places this March (Part II)

There are numerous exciting events and festivals taking place in the following tourist destinations.



Tanzania has suddenly become one of the hottest tourist destination in Africa in March. Tanzania easily attracts adventurous travelers thanks to the intact nature and irresistible attractions such as the wildlife sanctuary, Mount Kilimanjaro. On the contrary, if you are not an adventurous traveler, you can relax in the quieter space in the Zanzibar Archipelago. In addition, in the towns like Bukoba, Musoma or Mwanza, the local residents are very friendly and hospitable. 



In addition to famous attractions such as the Lincoln Memorial, the Natural History Museum or the Congressional Library, Washington is also an ideal tourist destination for March this year thanks to the blooming cherry blossoms. In 1910, the Japanese government decided to give this gift to the USA’s capital, and since then, cherry blossom has become a new beauty for the capital at the end of March every year. Not only local tourists but also foreigners visitors often choose this time to come to Washington and watch the blooming cherry blossoms. 



We often think of Rio de Janeiro whenever South America is mentioned, but there is an equally impressive tourist site named Buenos Aires. The mix of Latin American and European cultures has created a classic youthful vibrant capital. No need to set foot in Paris, Rome or Madrid to discover the real beauty of Europe, Buenos Aires can completely make your dream come true with some sweet and appealing flavor of Tango. More than 150 dancers will greet you in the main street and you can watch them in the national championship for this dance sport. 



The weather in the Yucatan Peninsula is almost perfect all year round, but the best is still in March. This coastal resort town is always bustling because of frequent visitors. In addition, you can visit the ruins of Tulum and experience the scrumptious cuisine at restaurants in Cancún. 



When visitors travel to Andalusia, an unmissable place to visit is the city of Seville, which is home to all the quintessential things and one of the most popular attractions in Spain. Have you ever questioned where the famous flamenco dance came from? The answer is Seville. Besides, the works here such as the Spanish square, the church with the Giralda bell tower, the Metropol Parasol or the Museum of Fine Art of Seville have also attracted a large number of tourists.


By: Christina Baker

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