Symphony of the Sea - the world’s largest cruise ship

The world’s largest cruise ship, Symphony of the Sea, is ready for her maiden voyage this week.

Symphony is the 25th Royal Caribbean ship, and the first to have an ‘Ultimate Family Suite’, which is already booked for £65,000 this Christmas. It boasts its own slide, from the second floor kids’ bedroom to the living room below, an air hockey table and a private cinema with a popcorn machine. The wow factor extends outside, with a table tennis court and a whirlpool.


Setting sail from Barcelona, the Symphony of the Seas will start its first voyage on April 7, ahead of a summer in the Mediterranean. As of November 10, however, a new 170,000 sq-ft state-of-the-art cruise terminal in Florida - nicknamed the “Crown of Miami”, for its striking crown-shaped design when viewed from the water - will become her year-round home. Photo: Royalcaribbean.


Owned by the Royal Caribbean International Group, the Symphony of the Seas is the fourth of the world's most state-of-the-art cruise liners, the Oasis of the Seas. (Photo: Royalcaribbean) 


Royal Caribbean International’s record-breaking vessel is 362 meters long (imagine the length of four football pitches) and has a volume of 228,081 gross tons – 1,088 more than its nearest rival, her sister ship, Harmony of the Seas. (Photo: Royalcaribbean) 

Commenting on the much-anticipated launch, Royal Caribbean's CEO Michael Bayley said: 'We’re excited to introduce Symphony of the Seas, our boldest composition yet, offering the best of Royal Caribbean with some new surprises for our guests to create a holiday that adventurers of all ages can enjoy together. We set out to create a new level of holiday adventure and deliver the ultimate escape for families of all shapes and sizes. Symphony will introduce the most cutting-edge, customizable, and digitally-enhanced experiences in the Royal Caribbean fleet.' 

She also has 12 more staterooms than Harmony, taking her total to 2,759, meaning she can accommodate 5,518 guests at double capacity - that’s three and a half times more than the QE2. 


All rooms are equipped with high-class furnishings. (Photo: Royalcaribbean) 


In addition to the double or single rooms, Symphony of the Seas also owns large rooms for families. (Photo: Royalcaribbean) 

In particular, most Symphony of the Seas rooms feature balconies overlooking the park with over 12,000 tropical plants. 


Guests will experience lots of interesting things on Symphony of the Seas, one of which is the robots-making drinks. (Photo: Royalcaribbean)


Visitors coming here can liberate their energy with adventure games such as swinging the rope through the deck... (Photo: Royalcaribbean)

By: Christina Baker

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