Spring in the hometown of Santa Claus

Finland is famous for not only being the country of Santa Claus but also having colorful old streets hidden under the snow.


Finland is known as the hometown of Santa Claus with famous cities like Lapland or Helsinki. However, Finland still has many wonders that tourists do not know. One of them is the ancient city of Porvoo with colorful houses hidden in the white snow. 


Only 50 km from Helsinki, Porvoo is one of the six remaining cities from the Middle Ages of Finland and the second oldest one. The  city is full of history and famous for its lovely restaurants and cafes. You can get to Porvoo by car Onnibus, if you book early, you have to pay only 1 euro for a ticket. 


This cute small town is built according to the architecture of rural North Europe. The old town of Porvoo is a charming and popular destination for daytrips. The winding streets and mosaic-like courtyards reflect the town's medieval history.

Today the narrow cobblestone streets are lined with charming boutiques and museums housed in historical wooden buildings of different colours. Besides, some of one-or-a-half-story houses have an additional wooden floor and are painted in vibrant colors. Early in the spring, visitors to Porvoo will be overwhelmed by the brilliant colors highlighted by the snow white background. 


The area around Porvoo was formed from the Stone Age while the city of Porvoo was established by 1380. In the 14th century, Porvoo became a Swedish colony. Today, people here still use both Finnish and Swedish. 


Porvoo is named after the river Porvoonjoki flowing through the city. In winter, the river water is frozen and snow is so thick that you could easily walk from one shore to the other shore. By the beginning of spring, the glaciers begin to melt, creating a unique scene.


Porvoo is the most beautiful when you stand at this side of the river and look over the other one. Visitors can see many colorful little houses, above it is Castle Hill where the Porvoo Cathedral is located.


This small town is built based on the architecture of rural North Europe. Some of one-or-a-half-story houses have an additional wooden floor and are painted in vibrant colors.


Porvoo is also surrounded by a forest. You can visit and experience the feeling of being lost in a Nordic forest.


Porvoo is a highly recommended tourist destination to visit when you come to Finland this spring. This is a great place for exploring a peaceful North Europe. Try to leave the lights of the familiar cities and experience a completely different Finland.

By: Christina Baker

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