Singapore: the sweet, romantic heart of Asia

Do you think about your upcoming vacation? Come to Singapore to enjoy this most worth-living city in Asia with your loved ones.

You probably also know the romantic movie - "Crazy Rich Asians", which is about one of Asia's most accomplished singles who has found the lover when visiting family in Singapore. Singapore has gradually shown its bright qualities to become one of the most romantic destinations in the world. It is not surprising, because no matter what you are passionate about, you will surely be interested in the culture of this beautiful city.

You should experience Singapore in your own way through the lens of Singapore's eye-catching food stalls, from legendary street food to a prestigious Michelin star-winning restaurant; admire the beautiful scenery of the city, and get ready for the sensational adventure. This is a way to germinate your dreams of a romantic feeling in a Singapore style.

Watching charming lights in the Garden by the Bay


Under the pitch-black sky, the twinkling lights began to appear on the towering iron trees 160 feet high. Soon, the entire garden with iron and steel material immersed in the illuminated rainbow, accompanied by a perfectly stylized piece of music. This unique performance, the Garden Rhapsody lighting show in Gardens came from the "the Bay" group, creating great moments.

Enjoying the drinks


The creative and impressive style of drinks made by leading brewers in the world, Singapore's bar and teahouse are one of the city's "number 1" destinations for lovers. Head to the Art Deco-style Atlas space and enjoy some of the rarest Champagne in the world, or you can choose gin wine from the largest collection in the world. Or you can visit Native bar, a discreet, romantic place that spreads local flavors and elements to cocktails, ceramics, and music.

Dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant


Peranakan cuisine blends Chinese ingredients with spices and recipes from Malaysia and Indonesia. It has been passed down through generations from the first immigrants here. Surprisingly, Peranakan food processing really requires enthusiasm: preparation takes hours in the kitchen. However, its achievement deserves the effort, it is the delicious food, showing the cultural interference of Singapore. There's no more romantic place to sample this typical dish than Candlenut restaurant- the world's first Michelin-rated Peranakan restaurant, where recipes are always refreshed and serve visitors in a cozy atmosphere.

Viewing the whole city


Try once to take the Singapore cable car to the top of Mount Faber at sunset to enjoy the picturesque scenery of the entire city. After that, if you want to admire more impressive scenes, you should walk through the undulating bridge, which is decorated with flower lights called Henderson Waves.


For couples who want to feel more uplifted, Sentosa - the island off the southern coast of Singapore - is ready to please visitors. Here you will have the opportunity to cross the jungle and go to the beach of MegaZip with a zip line longer than 0.25 miles and about 250 ft from the ground. Remember not to race with your partner but forget to admire the view. You can also climb, jump and pop up when swinging zip line if you like adventure and watch more beautiful views.

Experiencing artistic architecture with romantic style


Perhaps, you think that there will only be the rigid structures inside the stately National Gallery of Singapore. The building was used to be the City Hall and Supreme Court, but it makes you change your original mind. You can wander through traditional and modern designs, explore the world's largest modern Southeast Asian art collection, then enjoy musical performances and cultural events. In this building, you can also enjoy a romantic dinner with modern French cuisine at Odette, and enjoy a drink on the terrace before closing a memorable day at Smoke & Mirrors.

By: Mithrine Smith

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