Rooms available for visitors on the Great Wall of China

Airbnb has come up with a novel idea. It expects to transform the ancient watchtower in the Great Wall into a unique room for visitors.

With travel enthusiasts, no one is unfamiliar with Airbnb - a quite useful type of room reservation application. Recently, Airbnb came up with a new idea when designing a hostel on the watchtower of the Great Wall.


The Great Wall is known for being one of the greatest architectural works of human history, built for the purpose of protecting the Chinese against invasive attacks thousands of years ago. .

The famous wall was built of stone and earth from the 5th century BC to the 16th century. The most famous part was built by the first Emperor of China - Qin Shi Huang from 220 BC and 200 BC. Another famous section was built by the Ming Dynasty from 1368 to 1644. On each part there are ancient watchtowers.

The overnight experience on the Great Wall may sound far-fetched, but completely achievable with Airbnb's new project. Earlier, Airbnb leaders worked with historians and designers in Beijing to turn one of the ancient watchtowers into comfortable motel room.

The two-person room is scheduled to open only four nights in September in a contest held by the booking application. Eight lucky visitors will be given a unique opportunity to spend the night on top of the Great Wall of China next month.

Airbnb announces its temporary accommodation, located on the top of the tower and with a 360-degree view of the surrounding landscape, will be the first time in a thousand years that ordinary visitors are allowed to sleep on the ancient fort. The space is lit by candlelight, where there are two spaces, with modern lamps and floor lamps, as well as a cozy seating area with sofa and dining table.


In addition to having a free night's sleep, the winners can enjoy Chinese-style dinners, going through beautiful countryside and learning more about the Great Wall of China.

They can also take part in traditional Chinese calligraphy classes or some of the arts. Nevertheless, how they will be protected from an unexpected rain is still to be seen.

For the chance to win a vacation once in a lifetime, Airbnb asks everyone to participate in an online contest before August 11, answering the following question: "Why is it more important than ever to break barriers between cultures? How would you like to build new connections? The four winners and their guests will fly to China from anywhere in the world and will have to complete their stay from September 4 to 8.


By: Clair Martin

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