5 picturesque European ancient towns you should never miss

In addition to the modern facilities are comfortable, the ancient architecture in Europe is always considered as the charm and mystery.

Village of Colmar, France


Colmar is known as one of the most beautiful villages in France, located about 64 km southwest of Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace. It is also named "another Venice" in the heart of France. The houses here are built mainly from wood and are well preserved with square windows, bricklaying and balconies full of romantic flowers.

In addition to its beautiful architecture and spiritual life, Colmar is also known for its famous vineyards in France. The village always has light rays and dry weather, making it favorable for wine processing.

Bruges, Belgium


Bruges is the capital and largest city in the province of West Flanders, Flemish Region of Belgium. The city is located in the southwestern part of the country and was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

This is a popular tourist destination of Belgium and not to be missed when you travel in Europe. The city of Bruges has become one of the most visited medieval cities in Western Europe.

It is also well-known for its well-preserved city, with everything in the Middle Ages. All that is visible to visitors is that most of the buildings here are from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Bibury, England


This is a beautiful village on the banks of the romantic Coln river, in the Cotswold region of England. The village is famous for its old-fashioned sandstone houses that last for hundreds of years, featuring the ancient, peaceful Cotswold architecture. It seems that the whole village is covered in a glossy black-brown color.

For the village not to sink in a too-deep tone, in some places, the Bibury people leave the vines clinging to the entire outer wall, creating a natural and unique "green" color. The black color of the houses, the blue of the trees, are the two main colors that make up Bibury's unique charm.

Hallstatt, Austria


Hallstatt is known as the gem of Austria, located between the cities of Salzburg and Graz in the Salzkammergut, and is a small town famous around the world for its poetic beauty and tranquility.

Over the centuries of history, Hallstatt has maintained its fascinating charm with its ancient churches, chalets, medieval castles, with its unique architecture. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the one of most popular tourist destinations in Austria.

In addition to the beautiful architecture and landscapes of the city, visitors from many countries visit the Dachstein cave and ski.

Albarracin, Spain


Albarracin is likened to an image of medieval Spain, because this village has been preserved intact in the solid walls, surrounded by the barren hills of Aragon. The narrow alleyways and alleyways of Albarracin lead you to the ancient stone towers, the yellow-brown castles and the ancient chapels.

Most prominent of all is a typical mudejar-style church in the area with decorative details derived from Islamic art.

By: William Wilson

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