Perfect tourist destinations in spring worldwide

Spring is considered as perfect time for adventurers to explore the new land as well as unique traditional festivals.

1. Cartagena


Cartagena is named as the colorful coastal city of Columbia. Also, Cartagena is considered as one of South America's finest destinations. By night, the city will become more charming under the fanciful lights. In particular, you can explore the ancient city through the many historical artifacts, the architecture of the colonial building, outdoor cafes and beautiful flowers.

2. Bali


March is the beginning of the dry season in Bali and the Galungan New Year festival starts on March 12. This festival usually lasts for a few weeks. Traveling in Bali this season will help you save money as well as have the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Bali. This is an ideal time for visitors to experience luxurious spa resorts, go for a stroll in tropical jungles full of wildlife and enjoy romantic space in the world's most famous beaches.

3. Fiji


Fiji is famous for its world-class water, where divers from all over the world come here to explore the deep waters near Taveuni. The beaches here are very beautiful, which is often compared to the beaches in Thailand or the Great Barrier Reef. Fiji is also home to colorful Hindu temples, tropical forests and natural mud pools. In spring, the Yasawas beach has a limited number of visitors so you can enjoy sunbathing or scuba diving. If you prefer peace, you can lie on a hammock swaying under the shady coconut.

4. Japan


Spring in Japan has cherry blossom festival and many other festive events. Admiring cherry blossoms (sakura) this season is very popular with the Japanese, and the festival is named Hanami Festival. From mid-March to early May, families will often go for a picnic to admire the cherry blossoms, and even all the world's tourists want to visit Japan during this time.

5. Los Cabos, Mexico


Los Cabos is a paradise for spring vacations with spectacular coastal scenery and friendly whales in the Cortez Sea. Los Cabos is divided into two areas: San José del Cabo and Cabos San Lucas. Visitors to Cabo will enjoy delicious tequila, high-end resorts and go to bustling shopping centers.

6. New Zealand


March to May in New Zealand is harvest time, which makes this place become a perfect destination for wine lovers. Going to the famous Central Otago on the southern island, you will surely have a chance to immerse yourself in beautiful landscapes.

7. Costa Rica


Spring is the midst of the rainy season in Costa Rica making it become the perfect season to explore marshes and forests. Costa Rica acquires a reputation for its picturesque waterfalls, dense jungles, hot springs and stunning beaches. Costa Rica promises to bring visitors memorable adventures.

By: Samanthan Lane

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