With Fan ID, no visa needed to watch 2018 World Cup in Russia

Fan ID and football tickets are mandatory documents so that fans can enter the stadium to watch matches in the 2018 World Cup.

Like the other regular cards, Fan ID consists of representative pictures and names of fans in Latin script and Russian letters. This card and football tickets are mandatory documents for fans to be able to watch the matches at the 2018 World Cup. 

However, Fan ID is especially useful for foreign fans. Accordingly, only this card and passport, they can go to Russia and do not need a visa. 

Fan ID can replace the visa when entering Russia to see the World Cup. 

In addition, the card also allows fans to travel free of charge by train to 11 cities that host the World Cup. Moreover, they can also use public transportation but do not spend a penny on the day of the match. 

The card is valid from June 4 to July 25. It means that in the period of 10 days before the opening of the World Cup held until 10 days after the closing ceremony. 


To have a fan ID, after completing the procedure to purchase tickets to any match in the 2018 World Cup, the fans must go to the https://www.fan-id.ru/ homepage and enter personal information and send a require. After, completion of the registration, the card will be delivered to the individual by mail and is free of charge. 

The release of Fan ID shows that the Russian government is enabling the fans to immerse themselves in the biggest football atmosphere in the country. 

Of course, this is also the solution for the host country to control the spectators closely watching the matches. therefore, Russia is able to increase security against such risks as violence or terrorist attacks. 

In fact, the entry examination into Russia is very strict. Even if you have Fan ID or FIFA invitations to reporters, it's not easy to get into Russia. 


Russians are very scared of extreme cases. Russia even listed hooligans (referring to the people or groups who regularly engage in hooligan acts, breaking up football matches) that have been mentioned in the media. With this list, the entry control unit will refuse entry procedures with those listed. 


“During the entry into Russia, despite having full of Fan ID, FIFA invitations, Russian visa several times before, I still encounter difficulties in the process of entry. Even, employees also use my magnifying glasses to identify each card for reasons of tight security, strict protection of the security of Russia during the 2018 World Cup”, a reporter in Russia shared.

By: Relly Jonas

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