Epic little-known tourist destinations in Europe

Some places in Europe possess beautiful scenery and attractive cuisine, but few are internationally known and visited.


Gargano, Apulia, Italy:

Gargano National Park in Italy, which has long sandy beaches and beautiful green forests, is an ideal summer destination. However, this place is still less-traveled by foreign visitors. Photo: Italymagazine 


Piano Grande, Umbria:

This is one of the best highlands in Europe, located at an altitude of over 1200 m and surrounded by mountains. In late May and early June, this place is highlighted by various colorful flowers, which creates beautiful scenery. Photo: Locationscout. 


Aragon, Spain:

Located in the west of Catalonia, Aragon is an unknown attractive destination. The town of Teruel with its amazing Mudejar architecture, the beautiful villages of Albarracin and Alquezar, and the national park of Ordesa are just some of the attractions awaiting you at Aragon. Photo: Leodescapes. 


Pelion, Thessaly, Greece:

Mount Pelion is thought to be the place where the Olympus Gods rests during the summer. Today, small rivers, stone pavilions and olive gardens near the shimmering bays make Pelion a mythical land. In addition, ancient stone bridges or castles built in the 19th century, now converted into a hotel, make the place fairier and more mystery. Photo: Telegraph. 


Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy:

Bergamo is a charming city with beautiful winding streets. When coming here, you can enjoy the attractive gelato, explore the Lombardy countryside or visit the beautiful lakes. Especially in the spring, the city and surrounding areas create a romantic and peaceful space. Photo: Handluggageonly 


Koster Islands, Sweden:

The Koster Islands, located in the north of Gothenburg in the Skagerrak strait, is an ideal summer destination. Visitors may discover the life of wild birds, lively canyons, and enjoy a relaxing holiday by strolling or cycling here. Picture: Kosteroarna. 


Orta Lake, Piedmont, Italy:

Orta is one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. However, it is little known, even for local travelers. In the middle of the lake is a small island called Isola San Giulio and on the island is a Roman church built in the nineteenth century. Photo: Armeno-immobiliare.  


Beaujolais, Burgundy, France:

Beaujolais, which is located in the north of Lyon and west of Rhône, is famous for its distinctive wine glasses. Besides, this is a majestic land with hills, vineyards on steep slopes and small villages. Picture: Cruise-adviser. 


Faroe Islands, Denmark:

Faroe Islands is an autonomous region of Denmark. Fresh air, pristine beaches, steep cliffs and many green mountains and picturesque valleys will surprise anyone who comes here. Photo: Travel and Leisure.

By: Christina Baker

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