Jodipan - From a slum to the rainbow village

Not many people know this amazingly colorful Jodipan was once a hopeless slum area.

A humble origin

The full name of Jodipan is Kampung Varna Warni Jodipan. This is a village located in a southern district of Semarang, a port city on the north coast of Java, Indonesia. A year ago, Jodipan was only a slum. People here were even called by the government to move elsewhere because of poor living conditions. However, these conditions were changed when a group of students from Muhammadiyah University of Malang visited and decided to completely change the face of Jodipan. This village was revived soon afterwards.

After receiving funding from a local paint distributor, the group called about 30 local artists to participate in the campaign.

Students from Muhammadiyah University of Malang who changed Jodipan

According to Dinni Anggraini, one of the great contributors to this creative idea, Jodipan's new "shirt" was inspired by the famous colorful Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. It was also a slum, but talented artists have made it the most impressive Brazilian destination.

Jodipan with the new "shirt"

A colorful corner of the rainbow village

Discover Jodipan

Jodipan consists of two areas connected by the Brantas River. From this location, visitors can admire the full two-sided view of Jodipan. One side of the village is Kampung Tridi, famous for its majestic 3D paintings.

Panoramic view of Jodipan from the bridge

One of the highlights of this lovely village is funny cartoon paintings on the walls

Coming to this area, visitors will have the opportunity to freely discover artistic spaces appearing on every corner of the village, from each wall, each house to each alley.

In addition to the painted walls, the sky and air here are also covered with colored umbrellas. Not only protect visitors from the sun or the rain, these umbrellas also excite their guests.

Eye-catching umbrellas lighting up the way

Bright colors can attract positive particles to produce useful energy for us. Indeed, with every step you take in this village, you will feel like you are in a fairy tale world with such joyous, lively atmosphere of fun prints painted on literally everything of Jodipan.

If you think that Jodipan is just the color of modern paintings, then you are mistaken, because the beauty of this rainbow village is also highlighted by the corners displaying traditional crafts. All combine to form a lively picture of Jodipan.

Traditional corners displaying and trading handicrafts

Thanks to the innovation of appearance, tourism as well as economic here have been improved clearly. Many local people have more stable income thanks to their business with food and other necessities to serve tourism.

However, that does not mean you have to pay a huge amount of money to get here. The entrance fee of this village is extremely modest, only $ 0.5. Besides, tourists also get a meaningful souvenir once they come to Jodipan. It could be a key or some handicraft made by the people here.

Thanks to tourism, the economy of Jodipan has been improved

It can be said that Jodipan is one of the most stunning villages showing the rich cultural value of Indonesia. It was built with the help and support of the local community and government. This spectacular makeover has brought hope and optimism to the people of Jodiphan.

So, when you have the opportunity to visit this rainbow village, don't forget to interact more with local people and support their services through craft products they trade. You will have unforgettable moments of happiness if you give Jodipan a chance.

Daily life of local people in Jodipan

Jodipan, an amazingly colorful destination




By: Mithrine Smith

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