Inside the spas where you can bath with beer

Guests of the Schloss Starkenberger beer garden can book one of their 7 swimming pools for 230 euros to relax in two hours.

Research on the health benefits of the ingredients found in beer is becoming a hot topic lately. It is suggested that these ingredients are effective in treating minor diseases from acne, gastric ulcer to huge diseases as cancer.

Although these ideas have not been recognized by many, beer has been used for various purposes for centuries. It is said that ancient Egyptians and Romans used to drink beer as a part of their beauty process to keep the skin smooth and reduce pallor. Perhaps from that knowledge, some cosmetic companies today have begun to add the yeast used in beer into their products. They claim that the yeast is good for acne sufferers and has the ability to help skin maintain the required pH balance. And, another trend of using beer that is becoming more and more popular worldwide today is beer bath.

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Unlike regular pubs or wine taverns, many spas in different cities such as Prague (Czech Republic) and Budapest (Hungary) give visitors the opportunity to enjoy both beer and bath. You will be able to drink as much beer as you like there.

Coming to the Beer Spa in Prague, customers are offered unlimited light or strong Czech beer Krušovice, in addition to the sauna and a straw mattress to relax for 70 euros per person for an hour. At the Thermal Beer Spa in Budapest, the cost of 45 minutes of relaxation is around 43 euros, and if you choose a private “brewery” for two people, it costs about 100 euros.

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According to Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research at Mount Sinai Hospital's Department of Dermatology, beer bathing is really good for human health. Immersing in beer is one of the best ways to handle many skin problems, from anti-aging to eczema. Beer is also recommended by experts to be used as shampoo after washing your hair.

On weekends, the number of visitors coming to these beer spas is really huge, so customers can take a beer bath in the crowded space, surrounded by many other people. However, if you want to relax privately, you can rent a private beer bath instead of the shared bathroom.

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Beer bath might sound weird, but it’s not the weirdest. In Austria there are even beer pools. Guests of the Schloss Starkenberger beer garden can book one of their 7 swimming pools for 230 euros to relax in two hours. Each pool is 4 meters long, containing about 42,000 glasses of beer.

The owners of many breweries in Tarrenz, Austria, insist that beer can help cure psoriasis and heal open wounds. However, when entering the beer pool, guests will have to follow their strict rule: not to drink beer in the lake because it does not guarantee hygiene factors. Instead, visitors can order fresh beer while enjoying the pool. There are all 13 types of beer produced from the same factory.

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By: Scarlet Johnson

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