Havana - The city of colors

Travel Cuba as soon as possible, before the original Cuban atmosphere changes, before the glowing colors disappear.

Cuba is just like the rest of South America: always burns up with enthusiasm, but also makes many people afraid of as a tourist destination. Because this country still has something mysterious, away from the modern world growing so fast out there. But, in the end, it is the thing that creates a strange Cuba that retains its political institutions and old way of production and distribution of food and goods.

After the embargo was abolished, much hope has been made for the positive changes of the country, the process of modernizing comprehensively so that people's lives are improved. However, it is advisable for you to travel to Cuba as soon as possible before the original Cuba is full of change. Hopefully, anyway, the bright colors of the street and the deep culture of the place will still be there.



Although you do not like boring road trip, to discover the beautiful Havana, you should have a good companion in every corner of the city. Or at least, plan carefully before your journey. Avoid straying on the streets, tired of getting lost while people do not really speak English well.

It will be a big omission that you will regret after returning if you come to Cuba without driving or sitting in a colorful car for a short trip. You can rent a car with an hourly driver for a little high cost. Or, it’s more popular to take a regular taxi, but you also need to bargain.



The cars painted with striking colors are the extremely interesting thing that makes a vibrant and lively Havana. The crowded, noisy streets with people talking in a funny Spanish surely will give you so much cheerful time when discovering Cuba.

Preparing for a Cuban trip, you probably already know the hidden wonderland of mosaic tile and recycled art Fusterlandia. This is not really a well-known destination. It's not a must to be included in the usual itineraries, but it really is a worthy place to check in. This dreamy garden is a colorful artwork made of ceramic glaze by artist Jose Fuster, who is called the "Picasso of the Caribbean".



Spending some days in Havana is enough for you to walk through the old towns or the famous squares. You can easily see the classic Western-style architecture painted in rainbow colors here.

Get in every corner to find characteristic restaurants, bars with flashy advertising boxes and old-fashioned wall paintings. For example Bodeguita Del Medio with the world's best Mojito, the formerly familiar destination of celebrities like Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Neruda. Or the old town Habana Vieja, a really great place to explore the Cuban street life and culture so you can truly get what Havana is.

In addition, there are always many other choices in Havana as this is the cradle of the pub culture, the birthplace of the world's most enticing drinks.







By: Archie Henderson

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