Harbin - The combination of Oriental and Occidental culture

Referred to as the "Moscow of the East", Russian style architecture can be seen in many places of Harbin.

1. Sophia Cathedral


Sophia Cathedral is 53.35m high, 721m wide, is typical of Russian architecture. In 1996, it was listed as one of China's reserved heritages. In June 1997, the church was rebuilt and renamed the Harbin Architectural Architecture Museum.

2. Zhongyang pedestrian street


This street is considered to be the largest and longest street in Asia (1,450 meters in length and 21,34 meters in width, of which the section for vehicles is 10.8 meters wide). It was built in 1898, initially called "Great China Highway ", after 1925 the name changed to Zhongyang. This is the busiest business area of Harbin, where tourists can find anything.

You can have lunch at the "Hoa Mai" restaurant, which has a long history of special taste of Russia. Bread and goat meat soup is very good, prices are also very affordable.

3. Ice World and The Ice Garden (Zhaolin Park)


Winter in Harbin is bitterly cold. Because of its climate, it is usually covered by snow and ice. The festival takes place from January 5 and lasts up to 50 days.

The space filled with the transparent beauty of ice masterpieces. The flowers, grasses, animals and the famous buildings of China and the world are reflected here by the hands of skilled carvers.

4. Siberia Tiger Park


The Siberia Tiger Park, situated in the Northern bank of the Songhua River, is one of the largest ecological parks in the world, with the responsibility of rescuing and preserving the endangered Northeastern tiger. The park is divided into mature tiger area and baby tiger area ...

In particular, the tiger breeding area is particularly popular to visitors, with more than 40 baby tigers under 3 years old, they are intelligent and extremely naughty. Also, when walking around the park, watching them scramble for food, snarl at visitors and attack armored vehicles, you will have interesting experiences.

5. The Polar Museum 


This museum, with its main theme is "Arctic Vitality", has built "The Antarctic Penguin Island", "The Arctic Garden", " "The kingdom of happy sea lions",..

This is the only place in Harbin where there is a white dolphin show. Not only is it a museum, it is also a professional biology research center, which has successfully implemented artificial hatching for the Antarctic penguins.

6. Yabuli Ski Resort


This is the city's sports area, with games such as skiing, cycling and snow boarding.

Here you can also enjoy traditional Northeastern dishes, especially the famous sausage of this region. You can go to the cafeteria or visit the people's home to eat. In this cold place, sitting around the fire with hot dishes of the Northeast is the best thing ever.

By: Victoria Wang

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