Fly straight to the happy country Bhutan

Nesting in the majestic Himalayas, the Kingdom of Bhutan is small but contains the purest and happiest things.

Arriving in Bhutan, you will be overwhelmed here from the first breath to the green patches of trees and monasteries on the cliffs. Discovering Bhutan will be a journey of happiness that you never know.

108 towers on the Dochula pass represent the 108 teachings of the Buddha.

The strange and mysterious land

Bhutan is one of the world's most isolated nations, hiding in the Himalayas. In keeping with its cultural identity, Bhutan focuses on two issues: protecting the natural environment and religious beliefs. With that motto, Bhutan does not massively develop the tourism industry.

Bhutanese people attend a local festival.

Each year, only a limited number of visitors are allowed to enter. This is where happiness is considered rich, where plastic bags and cigarettes are banned, and everyone wears traditional costumes.

Beauty touches the emotions

Most Bhutanese follow Buddhism so they live very compassionate and kind.

Bhutan is beautiful and tranquil. Ancient Rinpung Dzong monasteries were built in the style of a fort built over hundreds of years, the Taktsang monastery on the cliffs higher than 3,000 meters, or Tashichho Dzong Palace is located on the banks of the romantic Wang Chhu River, and is the workplace of the King.

Living happily thanks to the Buddhist philosophy


If the lives of other countries in the world, people are under pressure to buy beautiful homes, to buy cars, in Bhutan, people are happy and satisfied with what they have.

They pay little attention to matter but enjoy life and nature more. Most people are Buddhists and vegetarians, they always believe in the law of cause and effect, so they live very compassionately and kindly and do good deeds for others. In Bhutan, the distance between classes in society is not too isolated. This makes people more satisfied with life.


Additionally, here are 9 interesting things about Bhutan, you may not know:

1. There are no traffic lights in Bhutan. Thimphu is the only capital in the world that does not use traffic lights.

2. The country does not use plastic bags.

3. Bhutanese people do not smoke. Wanting to bring cigarettes to Bhutan, travelers are subject to a tax of up to 400%.

4. Bhutan does not have air conditioning.

5. In Bhutan, every house has a door, but it is rarely locked.

6. No crimes.

7. Bhutan does not use chemical pesticides.

8. Bhutan is the only country on the planet, which has Ministry of Happiness.

9. Bhutan has many ancient monasteries and temples in Tibetan style.

By: Judith Edwards

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