Fairytale-like aurora borealis in Northern Europe

Traveling to Northern Europe from the end of September, visitors will have the opportunity to watch strips of colorful light twisting together softly in the sky


In the pages of the Norse mythology, it is said that Northern Europe is a cold land, where the supreme gods always keeps peace for the mankind. Coming to Northern Europe is the journey of "hunting" the most beautiful northern aurora in the planet and also exploring the magnificent castles, poetic scenes, etc which seems to be a dreamlike world only in the fairy tale.

Northern lights or aurora borealis has become a travel experience that people intensely search for recently. The reason is because no one knows exactly where and when it is possible to observe this amazing natural phenomenon. If you are lucky once standing under the starry sky, you will be conquered by the scenary that each strip of colorful light from green, pink, purple dancing continuously and twisting together like soft and flexible silk strips.


The aurora region corresponds to the arctic circle, which means that the lights can be observed clearly when it comes to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, North Siberia, Alaska and Northern Canada. The ideal place to hunt aurora is Northern Europe like Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, because of its low cost and more favorable living conditions.


The right time to admire the aurora phenomenon is from the end of September until April of the following year, during which October, November and February are the peak of the seasons due to the high chance to observe the aurora.


One of the most beautiful effects of aurora is when each strip of colorful light moves, changes direction and shapes into different forms continuously for a short period of time.

4 ideal cities to watch the aurora

The area around the city of Abisko (Sweden) - it is certified by scientists as an interesting place to see aurora thanks to its characteristic climate. It is close to Abisko National Park, which gives you a magnificent view, unaffected by the weather in the surrounding areas.


The city of Aurora Chalet (Finland), you are provided with an "aurora alarm", emitting a beep beep as soon as the Northern Aurora appears on the sky. On clear, cloudless nights, you can observe the dance of light in the sky Nellim town is located next to Inari lake - the third largest lake in Finland.


The town of Tromso (Norway) is located above the pole and in the aurora region, which is one of the interesting places to see every sparkling green light.

At Tórshavn capital on the Faroe Islands (Denmark), you can admire the shimmering lights of aurora.


By: Andy Coman

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