Experiencing a classy train ride in Japan

Trains in Japan are so special that every tourist wants to go once.

A railway is the main mode of transportation in Japan. 45 of the 51 most crowded train stations in the world are concentrated on the land of the rising sun. As well as being the leading modern country in the world, Japan not only improves the technology in the railway industry but also focuses on the convenience and comfort of passengers when using this service.


Sunrise Express is an overnight train trip in Japan. It includes Sunrise Izumo and Sunrise Seto. These two trains are paired on the road from Tokyo to Okayama, and they split and travel to different destinations. Sunrise Izumo goes to Izumoshi while Sunrise Seto arrives at Takamatsu. On the way back, trains are assembled in Okayama and run to Tokyo.

Traveling on this train is an interesting experience to understand somewhat about Japanese culture as well as beautiful views.

First-class cabin


Single Deluxe or Class A looks like a cozy room for a person with a table, a chair and a personal sink next to the bed. There's even lighting control, radio and a few other things like personal slippers, bathrobes and a set of toiletries. There is also a shower for guests to use.

When in the first class cabin of this train you will feel like you are in a hotel room, both comfortable and convenient to admire the beauty of each locality through a fairly wide window. Not only that, but each room in this cabin also has a locked door to ensure maximum privacy.

2nd class cabin


Class 2 or B compartment includes rooms like Sunrise Twin, Single Twin, Single, and Solo. Unlike a first-class cabin with only one room, the second-class cabin has a room for two people. If you like, passengers can request to increase the number of people in each room. This compartment still has a locked door that ensures privacy. This is a great choice to travel with friends on the train.



The last is the Nobinobi sleeping area. This is the space divided by the wooden partitions and each small compartment has a window for passengers to comfortably enjoy the natural beauty. You can sit or lie as you like.

You will have a great opportunity to experience this public transport as a native and interact with many other passengers during the trip. And remember to take off your shoes before entering your cabin.



There are also toilets, drinking water machines, smoking cabins and waiting rooms on the train. An interesting thing to note when using the bathroom on this train is that you need to pay each time you use it. You will buy a special card to put in the bathroom, the water will flow continuously for 6 minutes with the countdown time displayed on the counter. So, quickly complete your personal hygiene within 6 minutes before the end of the flush. Finally, remember to press the auto cleaning button to ensure general hygiene.

By: Gitta Russell

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