European travel: Wild and fun destinations (Part I)

If you love nature and you have a chance to visit Europe, do not forget to spend a few days to immerse yourself in the wild and fun world here.


Destination: Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy

Add Gran Paradiso to your check-list in Europe. The interesting thing about Gran Paradiso is that cute animals are everywhere. Just take a walk from the village of Valsavarenche or from the top of the Aosta Valley, you can experience many interesting things.

If traveling in the summer, you will likely encounter groundhogs everywhere. In addition, Alpine chamois and Alpine gnu are also spreading from the ground to the uplands. Even in the afternoon, you will find these animals in the Taghet parking lot or fields in Pont. In particular, you can admire the glorious beauty of various butterflies here: Glanville butterfly, small green butterfly, small blue butterfly and Apollo butterfly.

Groundhog - a combination of squirrel and beaver. (Photo: Firenews)


Destinations: Húsavík and Mývatn Lake, Iceland

Many companies in Húsavík, the northern coast of Iceland, offer whale watching service in Skjalfandi Bay. During the trip, humpback whales appear 9/10 times. Visitors also often see the minke whale. However, what many travelers aspire to see is the blue whale. Opportunity to meet the blue whale is very rare, only 10% during the four seasons, but if you travel Europe between May and July, the chance you encounter this species will be higher.

Whale watching in Skjalfandi Bay. (Photo: Fromicetospice)

From Húsavík, drive 30  miles to the south, you will reach Mývatn Lake, also known as the "Lake of Midge Fly". This insect is a great source of food for various types of wading bird. However, the star of the wading birds is red-necked phalarope, with a small, gentle body that is always floating on the water. Many lakes and ponds along the roads in the north of Iceland are home to these birds, but they live mainly in the marshes of Mývatn Lake.

Mývatn Lake. (Photo: Icelandnews)


Destinations: The Tiszakurt (Tisza River) and the Hortobagy National Park, Hungary

If you choose to visit the Tisza River in the middle of June, you will enjoy something completely interesting. During the day, you only see the image of an opaque river with absolutely no life. But to 5 pm, the river begins to fill with vitality. A series of long-tailed mayflies migrate to the river surface after two years of underwater life, transforming into beautiful insects and finding mates.

However, soon after, you will see the bodies of these tiny insects covering the river. It happens because after mating and breeding, both males and females mayflies will be gone. Local people call this strange phenomenon Tiszaviragzas - "the outbreak of the Tisza River". You can also look at other animals such as purple frog, dragonfly, freshwater turtle and tree frog here.

Long-tailed mayflies flying on the water, finding a partner. (Photo: PixaNews)


Destination: La Brenne Local Natural Park, Center-Val de Loire, Hungary

When traveling to Europe, La Brenne Park will be the perfect choice for those who love nature. Just about two hours driving to the south of Paris, you will find this amazing land. Looked from high above, the park is like a broken mirror. Each mirror piece is a small lake, all combine into the most important marsh in Europe.

In particular, all the lakes here are the artificial result of the medieval irrigation program. Today, some lakes are used as commercial fishing grounds, while others are included in the French nature reserve.

La Brenne Local Natural Park. (Photo: frankrijkpuur)

(To be continued...)

By: Cole Guthrie

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