Ecuador with 10 interesting destinations

These are 10 interesting destinations in Ecuador - one of the countries in South America which attract many visitors each year.

1. Cotopaxi


One of the famous specialities in Ecuador is the volcano. Cotopaxi is the second tallest mountain in the country, and it is also a beautiful snow-covered volcano all year round. Cotopaxi owns glaciers along the equator. The mountain is very close to the capital Quito and will be convenient for travellers wanting to take the climbing experience in the day.

2. Quilotoa


This beautiful volcanic lake is part of the Andes Mountains. The lake was formed when a volcano erupted for the first time more than 800 years ago. The lake is more than 250 meters deep and beautiful color. The colors of Quilotoa can vary from green to blue when visitors change the vertical view of the lake. Horse riding to explore Quilotoa is also a great option for older travelers.

3. Vow National Cathedral


Visitors to Quito capital see this wonderful church. The Vow is the largest Gothic cathedral in the Western Hemisphere and in fact, the church is a unique but unfinished architectural work. According to the legend of the people here, the completion of the church will bring about the end of the world.

4. El Panecillo


Just like the statues of Christ in the city of Rio de Janeiro, El Panecillo is on a volcanic hill overlooking Quito capital. There is a statue of the Virgin Mary standing on a giant lotus. The statue is unique because it is one of the only statues of Mary with angel wings. This gorgeous structure was built by over 7,000 separate pieces of aluminium and up to 45 meters high.

5. Malecon 2000


Guayaquil is a vibrant city and Malecon 2000 is an indispensable highlight of the city. Malecon 2000 is always busy, and it is also considered as an outdoor art museum, where the activities of the people of the city take place. This is a great place to have a world-class meal with luxurious and romantic views and along with countless shopping centres in Ecuador.

6. Cajas National Park


This is a beautiful place with over 250 lakes to explore. The National Park is also home to a wide variety of plants and animals in the world, including a diverse collection of all kinds of spices on the planet.

7. Banos


Banos is one of the most amazing spots that can’t be missed when visiting Ecuador. This highland town is located in the mountains of the Andes Mountains. There are many adventure activities such as rafting, hiking, hiking and paragliding that you can experience when you arrive in Banos. When you need to relax, Banos is home to many mud baths and open-air hot springs.

8. Mojanda Lakes


Three large volcanic lakes were created by Mojando volcano. This volcano has been inactive for over 200,000 years, but its beautiful lakes are a proof of the strength it once boomed. The area is suitable for trekking activities by the desolate and mountainous terrain of the Andes Mountains.

9. Las Grietas, Puerto Ayora


This is a canyon created by lava. Both salt water and fresh water flow into this gorge, creating a natural pool with temperatures always maintained at 18-20 degrees Celsius. To get here, visitors have to walk quite far but in return, you will enjoy the cool and clean water.

10. San Rafael Waterfall


The Coca-Cola falls to the San Rafael waterfalls, Ecuador's largest waterfall, creating a majestic, dramatic scene. Set amidst a pristine forest, San Rafael is located near northeastern Ecuador's Baeza.

By: Roxana Edwards

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