Ecuador and its astonishing facts

Ecuador is an exciting destination and full of new things. This South American country attracts tourists in architecture, culture and spiritual traditions.

1. Fried guinea pig is an expensive dish


The guinea pig is usually cleaned, cut and flattened. This dish is not found in a restaurant in the capital, Quito, but can only be found in some country restaurants. It is priced at $ 20 - $ 25. Taste of mice after being processed is unique, often served with potatoes and corn. This is also an interesting and valuable wedding gift in the countryside.

2. Roses in Ecuador are cheaply priced


Very few people know that Ecuador is a country with a very developed rose industry. The roses are very beautiful and have extremely cheap prices. You only have to spend about $ 2.5 for a 25-rose bunch. If purchased directly from the greenhouse, the price is even cheaper. Ecuador rose industry comes into the third place after oil and banana industry.

3. Panama hats originate in Ecuador


This traditional hat comes from Manabi, the Western coast of Ecuador. It is the home of Eloy Alfaro, the president of Ecuador from 1842 to 1912, who created a hat made from toquilla leaves, a rare reed that grows well in this country.

They are exported to Panama and become the ideal sun protection because the weather is very hot and sunny here. Back then American workers and engineers  building the Panama Canal used this hat a lot. In 1904, President Roosevelt was photographed while wearing the hat and inspecting the canal. After this incident, the traditional hat of Ecuador became popular with the name "Panama".

Today, panama hats are a favorite accessory all over the world, can be mixed with many types of costumes and is especially used in the summer, when traveling.

4. One of the countries with the largest number of volcanoes


The country is located in the Ring of Fire region, where earthquakes and volcanic eruptions often occur. In the South of Quito are two parallel mountain peaks in the Andes Mountains, stretching from North to South in Ecuador. It is also known as the "volcanic highway".

Mount Tungurahua, also in the South of Quito, is one of the most active volcanoes in the world for several years. In the local dialect, the name of the mountain means "fire lighter", erupted in 1999 and most recently in April 2014.

5. Ecuadorian children are hit with nettles


Ecuadorians often pay to get their children beaten with nettles. It sounds weird, but it is not considered child abuse but a traditional belief. Ecuadorans believe that the nettle can purify the hearts of children.

The children have to strip off their clothes and be shattered by the nettles to dispel negative energy. Then, they continued to be beaten with a herd of herbs including mint, bay leaves to relieve the pain. The last step of therapy is to rub the body with rose petals.

By: Sarah O'Sullivan

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