Dominica, the gem of the Caribbean

Dominica is a beautiful country located in the Caribbean. It is famous for rainforests, high mountain ranges, barren deserts and mangrove swamps.

The country for those who love to go on adventures

Dominica attracts anyone who has a passion for exploring, adventures, nature-lovers and anyone who is into water sports or mountain biking.


The majority of Dominica is covered by tropical forest. This place is also home to many rare species of plants and animals. Especially, the weather in Dominica is cool around the year, visitors can visit Dominica at any time.

Friendly hospitable locals


Thanks to the advantages of geographical location, natural beauty and a multi-cultural culture, Dominica is proving itself to be a smart choice for travelers. In addition, the people of this country are extremely friendly and hospitable. The open tourism policy always welcome visitors.

Fresh fruits and unique, delicious cuisine


Coming to Dominica, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of fresh, nutritious food of the island itself. Dominican cuisine is best known for its fruits. You will enjoy am abundance of tropical fruits which are not available anywhere else. Influenced by Spanish cuisine, savory foods in Dominica are also very tasty, decorated quite elaborately and eye-catching.

Lovely souvenirs made from natural materials

Although there are not many shops or large shopping centers in Dominica, you still have many opportunities to choose from on street souvenir shops and traditional markets if you want something as a gift for your family and friends.

There are a lot of nice souvenirs, especially handicrafts, which are made from natural materials such as shells, shellfish from the sea... and they are not expensive at all. You will find shopping in Dominica very special and easy.

Many interesting tourist attractions


There are many interesting places to explore. One of the most popular is the Columbus Lighthouse. It took 40 years to build at a cost of $ 70 million and was inaugurated on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Columbus's search for the Americas. Coming to the Columbus Lighthouse, visitors also have the opportunity to have a fantastic view of the surrounding landscape.


Lago Enriquillo hot spring, which is recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Site, is also a very popular destination for international travelers as they set foot in Dominica. This hot water lake is about 800m above sea level and up to 60m wide. This hot water tank always has a high temperature of nearly 90 degrees Celsius.


Santo Dimingo, Punta Cana Beach, Puerto Plata Beach, La Romana, Samanaga Town... are also exciting and attractive places to stop by.

By: Victoria Jones

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