Discovering the 'warm winter' with 7 places you may not expect

The cold winter often blocks your footsteps. However, take a look at some of the following exciting places to find inspiration for yourself and your loved ones.

Winter travel is the great period of no less than the other seasons of the year. However, if you got bored white snow-covered destinations which have become too familiar, why don't you try to find the new location. The climate is cool to explore together and experience with friends, family in the festive season this year.


Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America discovered in 1500 by the Spanish explorers. In the winter, you can go to the "rough jewel" of the Americas to enjoy the cool climate that nature offers.


Nicaragua is often referred to as the land of lakes and volcanoes, so the experiential activities are mostly associated with visiting volcanoes. Coming to Nicaragua, you can visit the erupting Masaya volcano, and come near the crater to explore deep into the ground.


Purisima or Criteria are two Nicaraguan Christmas celebrations that you can join when traveling here in December. This is an opportunity for everyone on the road to celebrate the great day of Christianity.

Jerusalem (Israel)


The holy land of Jerusalem is the crossroads of three major religions: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. The name of Jerusalem itself is the resonance of the name of the three mentioned religions.


Weather in Jerusalem in the winter will make you more determined to this place. Starting from October until the end of April, the weather is usually cool and with little rain. The evening is usually longer, suitable for jazz concerts or romantic dinners next to the lights of historical monuments. Watching children dancing in the rain will make you realize the importance of water in this Middle Eastern city.

Palm Beach, Florida


Palm Beach is like a quiet, quiet girl hiding at the end of a long peninsula, about 41km north of Sydney. From Sydney, you can come here by private car or by boat. Away from the crowded tourist area, to Palm Beach, visitors will be impressed by the beauty and tranquility.


The Winter Horse Riding Festival in Palm Beach is the largest horse racing event in the world. This is a contest for all people, from children to adults, from amateurs to professionals can participate. If you love horse racing then this will be an unforgettable memory for you and your family.



Considered the happiest island in the world in 2016, Aruba is located in the southern Caribbean Sea. Visitors to any area of Aruba Island are really comfortable and satisfied with what Aruba brings as pleasant climate, warm sun, white sand, and blue sea water.


Aruba is proud to be a sunny place all year round, so this is a good place to forget about the cold weather. Aruba usually has very little rain, so you will be witnessed by praying for rain festivals of local people.


Coming to Aruba in particular or Caribbean in general, you will come to the world's most celebrated music festivals that take place all year round here, such as the Aruba Carnival Season, which starts in November and lasts until 2 months later.

Hallstatt (Austria)


If you are looking for a beautiful winter in the fairytale, Hallstatt will be your first choice. Hallstatt is known as the world's most beautiful lake town surrounded by the misty Alps. In the winter season, Hallstatt shows you picturesque features, along with many fun activities, gastronomy that you can explore with your companion.


Winter in Hallstatt will often have snow, at this point only the cafes and small shops open, so space here is quite quiet. Hallstatt's plus is to give you a sense of peace, relax time with family and relatives.



Fiji is a relatively new tourist attraction of Oceania. The island possesses more than 300 large and small islands, tropical climate, and is known as "paradise island" behind Hawaii. This place is blessed with tropical climate conditions, ideal for tourism development. The average temperature in the year is around 25 degrees C.


The majority of people in Fiji are Indians, so Diwali (Festival of Light) is the main festival on the island that takes place early November. Come to the festival, you will enjoy great lighting performances, traditional fireworks and night activities.



Located in the top 10 most beautiful cities in Europe when winter arrives, any location in Slovenia is an attractive tourist destination. Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, has a fairytale scene in the sunny or snowy days.


Under the influence of heavy snow, the atmosphere in Slovenia is quite gloomy and tornados and snowstorms can happen at any time, you must be careful. In return, Slovenia is still a mystical place, ancient. If you love quietness, consider yourself here with your family during your winter journey.


Slovenia is also a great destination for those who love the Festival. Especially when visiting Slovenia in December, you can experience the chain of festivals such as the Ljubljana Christmas Market, the winter festival of Bled village and many festivities to welcome Christmas and New Year.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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