Discover the most worth-visiting place in the world

Canada is considered to be the most worth-coming tourist destination in the world. It attracts numerous visitors each year because of its dream cities and diverse affordable activities.


In 2017, Travel + Leisure magazine voted Canada as the "destination of the year". One of the most unforgettable places to visit is Toronto, which is home to 2.6 million people. The modern city offers travelers the best service with a wide range of world-class restaurants, museums, universities or historical sites.


For those who love skiing, Whistler in British Columbia is definitely an unmissable place. They can travel by cable car to the resort. This is also one of the best ski slopes in the world.


The town of Whistler becomes glamorous for possessing the warm-colored villages in high mountains. Also, due to the exchange rate difference, travel expenses in Canada are not so high.


Located on Vancouver Island, Victoria City is poetic with its ancient colorful rows of houses next to the ocean. Victoria welcomes more than 3 million visitors.


The harbor is full of whale watching boats, seaplanes and ships. However, tourism activities do not seem to adversely affect the peace of the city named Victoria.


Hatley Castle is located just outside the city of Victoria. This used to be the hostel for students of the Royal Roads Military College. Today, visitors can pay a visit to the castle with a history of over 100 years.


Your trip to Canada would not be perfect for sure if the Banff National Park was missed. Banff National Park is famous for its surreally colored lakes, majestic mountains and endless outdoor adventures. Canada’s first national park and the world’s third, it has a rich heritage as one of the world’s most awe-inspiring mountain destinations.


Just a few kilometers to the north, pristine Jasper National Park provides an ideal base for picnicking and camping with an area of more than 10.3 km.


In the city of Edmonton, travelers have opportunities to experience the feeling of being immersed in the cool waters of the world's second largest indoor water park located in West Edmonton, North America's largest shopping mall.


Edmonton is also a great place to enjoy dishes from many different cultures, especially Ukraine. Ukrainian Heritage Village is located in the capital of Alberta. Visitors can learn about the history and life of immigrants as well as learn how to make traditional Pierogi.


Located in western Canada, Quebec is known for being the only city surrounded by walls and gravel roads. This place brings together various forms of art and provides tourists the opportunity to experience diverse cultures through festivals and fairs.

There are lots of other epic attractions in Canada waiting for tourists to discover. Let’s try coming here at least once in your life.

By: Christina Baker

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