Daily life in the morning in some Asian countries

The Japanese squeeze into the subway every morning to work while Myanmar women recite the Buddha scriptures.



In the photo shoot of 8 am in the world by photographer Pascal Mannaerts (Belgium) has recorded the indigenous moments of indigenous people in each country he came to, comparing differences in the life of some Asian countries in the morning. This photo was taken in Yangon (Myanmar), a country attached to Buddhism. The morning is the time when local people spend their time praying. 

Also in Myanmar, monks in Mandalay often wear red, barefoot, walk to the prayer spot in the morning. 



Morning in Japan, the rhythm of life is rush. Early in the morning, people going to work usually move to the company by public transport. Subways and buses in the morning are often crowded with passengers. The Japanese have always kept the habit of reading newspaper in the morning despite being a technology leader. 



In the morning, the land of the green prairie is seemingly peaceful. Photographer Pascal Mannaerts has recorded a happy moment of a Mongolian woman as she begins her new day with her job of collecting leaves on her farm. 



In a slum in Kolkata, because of the narrow living space, most people have to live together. Men start the day together with personal hygiene. 


India is one of the most populous countries in the world. Travelers to this country are no stranger to the crowded landscape, crowded by the influx of people in major cities. This photograph recorded the crowded scene on the banks of the Ganga River in Varanasi city. 



In the world's most populous city, Dhaka, the lives of local people are still poor. The 13- or 14-year-old children in other countries are of school age, but in Dhaka, they start working at an early age, even younger. A Bangladeshi boy's morning begins with the sale of a newspaper. 


Tibet (China):

Tibetan spiritual life is very rich. The people here have faith and worship Buddhism. In the picture, there is an elderly woman with a pilgrim prayer group in the street early in the morning. 



Nepal belongs to the Himalayas, near India and is influenced by this country. Many Nepalese follow Hinduism. In the picture of photographer Pascal Mannaerts, when people are busy reading newspapers, there is a man who focuses on praying in the morning. 



This Central Asian country is influenced by Islamic culture. In Samarkand, women often go to the mosque early in the morning to pray. The Belgian photographer believes that spirituality and religion are intimately connected with people in many countries, forming many unique cultures. 

By: Kalen Jonas

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