Cycling around the world with a cat

Dean Nicholson, 31 years old, from Scotland, decided to ride around the world alone but on the way, he found a companion.

In September 2018, Dean Nicholson had a clear goal ahead. He decided to ride around the world, starting from his hometown in Dunbar, Scotland. The reason was given because Dean was tired of his boring job as a welder. He wanted to travel to get more experience to help himself change his lifestyle, how to see the world from a bicycle.


Initially, Dean rode from Scotland to England, then he took a ferry across the Netherlands, then went through Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, and Bosnia in turn. As he rode to the border of Montenegro, he suddenly heard a cry behind him, Dean stopped and caught a small, gray-white cat trying to chase him.


Dean realized that the cat may have been abandoned by the owner and ít was in a state of starvation. It caught him without leaving. After giving the kitten to the vet, Dean decided to name his new friend Nala (the name of a character in “The Lion King” he loves) and took it with him.


Since then, Dean's round-the-world cycling journey has added a companion. Nala cat quickly expressed its lovely mischievous personality and adventurous soul and did not feel uncomfortable on long journeys.


Dean created a space in the front cart by removing his electronic devices, making a place for Nala. In addition, he also vaccinated Nala to be able to go through the border, as well as prepared a neck lanyard to keep the little friend.


During the trip, occasionally Nala cat was not satisfied with the seat in the front cart. At that time, Nala would climb on his shoulders and snuggle against Daen. Going anywhere, Nala also attracted attention, many people seeing Dean's companion asked for some photos.


The couple became more and more intimate and inseparable. They traveled from town to town, exploring new places, abandoned villas or hidden beaches. The image of Nala cat standing on Daen's shoulder became familiar and helped him to be less lonely in his long journey.


At the end of 2018, the couple went through cold snowy areas that caused Nala cats to get infections in its chest. At this point, Dean realized he didn't want to lose his partner, so he stopped for several weeks to cure Nala. With enthusiastic care, Nala quickly recovered and was able to continue the journey, but this time Dean was more careful when he carefully prepared a waterproof jacket for Nala.


Their journey has recently become famous in the media. Everything originating from the video posted by Dodo, a website specializing in pets, has spread on Twitter. Dean also set up a Gofundme website to apply for funding for the trip. He raised 12,000 USD in 3 months.


Dean Nicholson's plan to cycle around the world alone was completely bankrupt after he found a suitable companion. Now, Dean has found the meaning of his life and perhaps he is interested in the maturity of Nala cats rather than the journey he is pursuing.


By: Joshua Thompson

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