Enticing places that combine travel and yoga

If you are a traveler who love yoga, why don't you just combine these two?

Yoga must be a combination of breath, body and spirit. These are 5 quiet and captivating places for you to enjoy an interesting travel. 


Kerala (India):

If you want to experience the "pure" yoga style, perhaps you should start with where it originated. Kerala state in southwestern India can provide you with some of the best yoga centres in the world. 


In Kerala, you can do yoga in the quietest space. Some courses here include nutritional food menus or organize cooking classes to give you a sense of well being. 


Montezuma (Costa Rica): Montezuma is a favorite place for many reasons, such as the hospitality of the locals. You can practice meditation on the deserted beach, or next to the majestic waterfalls here. Montezuma is also attractive to vegetarians because the destination has some delicious vegetarian dishes. 


In addition to yoga, Montezuma is also a good place to surf. Interestingly, both surfing and yoga experiences require intense concentration, control of breath and patience. To reward yourself for your workout efforts, remember to enjoy a glass of avocado smoothie here. 


Amalfi Coast (Italy):

If you feel "overwhelmed" when standing in front of the beautiful Amalfi coast, you probably already know you have the right decision. Towns like Ravello, Praiano or La Selva will provide the ideal spaces for yoga. Learning to breathe in the aroma of fruits such as tomatoes, grapes, basil, olives, oranges and tangerines in the wind is an exciting experience. 


This destination can also give you a truly spiritual experience. Spend the day on the "path of the gods" - connecting the picturesque Agerola town with the soft Nocelle slope running down and enjoy the magnificent views of the Capri Islands. 


The local yoga teachers will guide you through many useful lessons, from hatha to yin, as well as breathing techniques and meditation. Choose a deserted, secluded beach to relax with the ocean waves. 


The Sacred Valley (Peru):

While most visitors make pilgrimages to Peru to visit mysterious ruins like Machu Picchu, you may be able to "live slowly" a few days to balance the spirit in the Sacred Valley. There are many family-managed yoga centres that can provide you with an enjoyable experience. 


After the meditation hours, you can take a stroll, breathe fresh air and visit the historical monuments here. One morning waking up with a 360-degree view of the Andes Mountains, you will sometimes wonder if you are dreaming. 


By: Scarlet Johnson

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