Ciao Florence - the loveliest city in Italy

Italy should be probably on the top of the destination list of any travel lover. And if you have intention of visiting this beautiful country, do not miss Florence, one of the most worth-seeing places.

Florence is known as "Athens of Italy" because of its ancient culture and artistic beauty. Florence itself is a beautiful name given by Julius Ceasar. Florence means "a flower city". It satisfies any visitor coming here for culture, art or food. It possesses the most beautiful of Europe. 

Italian is one of the most beautiful and rhythmic languages. When learning the Italian language, you learn not only how to pronounce it fluently, but also how to express yourself in body language. It is interesting to hear and see the Italians speaking Italian, watch their daily lives and try to adapt yourselves to it, watch the sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo or spend the whole evening in the Arno river on the bridge Ponte Vecchio. If you really love beauty, art, wine and delicious food, Florence is the perfect choice. 

Take a walk on the Ponte Vecchio 


This unique bridge is the place where professional and amateur paparazzi like the most in Italy and perhaps Europe. Built in 1345 at the narrowest of the Arno River, unlike ordinary river bridges, it is a complex of closely-located houses that create a unique architectural complex. After crossing the bridge, you can visit the shops on both sides and find many interesting souvenirs. 

Go shopping at the local market 


Visiting and shopping at local markets is always on visitor’s to-do lists. Don’t forget to visit Mercato Nuovo when coming to Florence. You will find here all the specialties of Italy and Tuscany. In addition, the market also sells clothes and fashion accessories. 


Enjoy Italian food and attend a cooking class 


You may think of Italy first when hearing about culinary tourism. With its rich and varied culinary culture, it can be sure that you will never regret when making the decision to spend a long day in the shops here. Pizza, noodles, lasagna, anything else more Italian? And for dessert, of course, the "gelato" cream should not be missed. In addition, you can also attend some cooking classes to learn more about the cooking secrets from Italian women. 

Street art


In Italy, street art grows no less than in France. And no matter how happy or sad they are, the Italian people always create art. Just see interestingly designed signs on any street. 

Watch the sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo 


At the end of the day, come to the statue of Piazzale Michelangelo, find a comfortable corner, enjoy the peace of the evening and quietly watch the sunset. From here, you can see the panorama of Florence on the brilliant red background of the sunset.

By: Christina Baker

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