Check-in around the world with gorgeous dresses

The sparkling photos of Russian photographer Kristina Makeeva make the girl fascinated to grab a suitcase full of dresses to go around the world.


1. Basil's Cathedral, Red Square, Moscow, Russia: The photo taken in this fairytale is set in Red Square in Moscow. The model wearing the red dress who was in front of Basil's Cathedral is the famous Russian travel blogger Nataly Osmann with “Follow Me To” photos. 


2. Rub 'al-Khali Desert, Saudi Arabia: This mesmerizing picture was taken in the Rub'al-Khali Desert, Saudi Arabia. Kristina Makeeva arrived in Saudi Arabia at the invitation of a reputable hotel representative in Dubai. Talented photographers shared on the site, and the crew made a great effort to select a beautiful location on Rub 'al-Khali Desert and had to wait until the sunset to make the shot. 

check-in-with-dress-3 check-in-with-dress-3-3

3. Cappadocia Valley, Turkey: The Cappadocia balloon country is a popular destination for photographers as well as travel bloggers. Both pictures were taken in the fairytale valley of Turkey. The pictures are sparkling with a dress like gold in the Goreme National Park. The photographer who shared all the dresses for photography were sponsored or designed in the famous fashion houses in Moscow. 


4. Porto, Portugal: This picture is set in the port city of Porto, Portugal, in the picture is English-Russian model-Svetlana Lakunina. The architecture of the context in the picture bearing the mark of medieval times. The color and texture of the dress are in harmony with the background. 


5. El Nido Island, Philippines: Asia is also one of the stops for talented female photographers to take enchanting pictures. El Nido Island, the Philippines in the picture as a magical land. It made any girl liking to move around hopes to get dressed in this splendid dress and check-in all over the world. 

check-in-with-dress-6 check-in-with-dress-6-6

6. Venice, Italy: Venice appeared in the pictures of Kristina Makeeva with the beautiful, ancient, romantic beauty. The model named Idil in the dresses that make every girl want to bring her dresser to travel immediately. 


7. Wat Rong Khun, Chiang Rai, Thailand: The white temple in Thailand is mysteriously shimmering under the lens of Kristina Makeeva. Russian photographer said that to complete each picture, there needed to be a support group and the average time to complete each picture took about 4-6 hours. 


8. Paris, France: Certainly French must be on the list of Kristina Makeeva's destinations. Two poetic pictures were taken in the capital of Paris. There isn’t a girl who is not soft in front of the beautiful dresses. Kristina Makeeva's fairytale pictures were taken at famous places in the world. 

By: Roxana Edwards

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