Canada - the summer land paradise

Dubbed the "tourist paradise", Canada possesses the wild and mysterious beauty of North American North Territories with many great architectural works.


If someone asks you to travel to Canada at the most exciting time, the answer is summer. Canada has 4 distinct seasons. However, due to its proximity to the Arctic, temperatures in the country are "cooler" than in many other temperate countries at the same time. 


Early in the spring in Canada, snow is quite thick and the average temperature is low. But when the summer comes, this place is like paradise with many flowers blooming. The scene is like a beautiful picture with many colours. 


It can be said that, in the summer, Canada is beautiful, vibrant and full of vitality. Guests can take a boat ride on the lake and admire the fruitful little gardens, the vast grasslands and poetic scenery. 


In the ideal climate, visitors can take part in many exciting activities at the famous beaches, parks and amusement parks. Your summer will be more exciting with new challenges, experiencing yourself in the outdoors. 


If you have the opportunity to visit here, do not forget to visit the Niagara waterfall, one of the world's 10 greatest waterfalls, located between the US and Canada border. When you come here, take a tour on the Maid of the Mist in the middle of the line reaching the falls cascades. 


The summer is also a time of lively festivals such as the Carnival, Quebec Outdoor Music Festival, the Heritage Festival, the Vancouver Fireworks Festival and the Tulip Flower Festival in Ottawa. Every festival has its own interesting and will certainly leave in the hearts of the visitor unforgettable impressions. 


Dubbed "Europe of North America", Quebec is famous for its narrow paved roads and most shops are close together in two side streets. Like other cities in Canada, this summer, it hosts many festivals and fairs. 


Not only the nature and the people of Canada, the famous buildings in the city also make visitors passionate. Typically, when you arrive in Montreal, visit the Notre Dame Cathedral. It is one of Canada's most beautiful churches and is home to many major political and religious events. 


In Toronto, do not hesitate to go to Ontario Lake and admire CN Tower with the height of 533 m, Rogers Center sports stadium or surrounding financial towers. Alternatively, you can take part in city skyline tours, marinas and nearby islets. 


Vancouver city is always attracted by romantic beauty. The harbour is often crowded with whale watching boats, seaplane boats and other types of boats. 

By: Stella Johnathan

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