Amazingly epic hotels in India

The following are the 5 most impressive private hotels in India, where you can enjoy anything, from private pools to advanced services.
  1. Ayurveda Hotel in Villa/ Carnoustie 


Carnoustie offers peace to those who seek for tranquility and leisure. Ayurveda Hotel is considered one of the most beautiful villa-like private hotels in the area. Visitors who hope to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature and regain their health often pay compliments to the treatment services in this unique place.                                     

Carnoustie offers different treatments to the visitors, from a gentle Panchakarma-style treating approach to a more stressful methodology of treatment. At night, visitors can hide into private villas. Carnoustie has five private villas of this type, which are built with the modern and traditional Keralan design in harmony, with private pools and luxurious bathrooms. All are perfectly designed, which creates warmth and tranquility. 

  1.  Vivanta by Taj Hotel in Bekal 


The 5-star Vivanta by Taj in Bekal is one of the most sophisticated villa hotels in India. Located along the Keralan coast - an area known as the "Country of God" with its incredible beauty, Vivanta by Taj is dubbed the paradise of those who seek pleasure. The hotel consists of 66 separate villas. With completely separate space of the courtyards and swimming pools, the hotels here bring peace and relaxation for visitors after stressful tired working days. The hotel also provides beach services such as the Kettuvallam cruise with traditional games and alfresco dinner. 

  1. Hilton Shillim Hotel 


Not all private villas in India are on the beach. For example, the Hilton Shillim Hotel is an impressive and attractive destination located in a beautifully secluded countryside of Maharashtra. On an area of 320 acres, this hotel consists of 18 villas built separately with magnificent views of the extremely romantic majestic valleys, hills or forests. 

You can use facilities such as open-air baths, villa spa treatments, private pools, sunbathing floors and free yoga and meditation sessions, which depends on the villa you choose, y. Enjoy your time with one of the seven restaurants and bars right inside the hotel. 

  1. Ananda Hotel in the Himalayas 


Located at the foot of the Himalayan mountain of Uttarakhand, Ananda is one of India's most luxurious spas. Each room has its own living room, dressing room, bathroom with sauna and - the best of all is the stunning private pool which overlooks the green hills of the spa. All three villas have the professional health care program that Ananda is famous for. The number of international tourists coming here each year has been sharply increasing thanks to its advanced services which nowhere else on the earth has. 

  1. Oberoi Rajvilas Hotel 


One of the most prominent hotels in Rajasthan is the Oberoi Rajvilas. Built around the Shiva Temple in the 18th century, the 32-acre hotel has exquisitely designed landscaped gardens and is a popular venue for a variety of entertainment events, from luxurious Oberoi spas to expensive restaurants. Visitors can also choose private villas.  Kohinoor Villa is equipped with a 20-meter-long pool while Luxury Villa also has a private pool and is served by private butlers. Besides, Luxury Tents and Royal Tents offer you more comfort and privacy. 


By: Christina Baker

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