A unique festival honoring the famous Old Drum Dog

For seven years, the city of Warrensburg, Missouri has hosted the Old Drum Festival to celebrate its famous dog.

On the night of October 18, 1869, Old Drum - a hunting dog - was shot dead and when Charles Burden, the owner of the dog found it had vowed that someone would pay for this death by suing the court "somebody" who was his brother-in-law, Leonidas Hornsby.


Since 1958, a monumental Old Drum dog has been erected near the entrance of the city courthouse with the line "a dog is man’s best friend", then the bronze statue was made in another version at the new town hall.

By 2017, the Missouri State Senate has officially designated the Old Drum statue as the "Historic Missouri Dog".

So it is not too surprising that people here are always proud that their city of Warrensburg has the most photographed dog statue of the state (and perhaps the whole of the United States as well!)

The cars are taking turns bringing thousands of visitors to the Old Drum Festival.

This is also the opportunity for families to gather around his pet dog.

Children from around the world are challenged with a variety of interesting activities involving dog care such as dog care, blowing dog-shaped balloon or throwing the ring around the dog collar. Of course the rewards would be pretty stuffed dogs.

It was at the historic trial that attorney George Graham Vest protected his client by giving his famous speech, primarily praising the Old Drum dog. He persuaded the judges and dog lovers around the world.

The children easily join the game in a fun way.

Then the children have to wonder about the reward for themselves.

The speech earned Burden $ 50 in compensation for the loss of Old Drum. Hornsby, the loser brought the case to the Missouri Supreme Court, but the verdict was upheld.

A court hearing involving the domestic pet was also reproduced during a half-hour on the day of the Old Drum Festival so visitors can learn more about the "unique" court.


Midday is also the time when the Old Drum Festival attracts the largest number of people when the organizers of the "dog show" called "four-legged ambassador of the city in 2018" or the dog will go "dogwalk" to vote for the title such as the dog like Old Drum Dog most, the heaviest dog, the beautiful hunting dog and many other cute titles.

Portrait of the "four-legged ambassador" of Warrensburg in 2018

The dog was voted the same as Old Drum.

Every dog participating in “dogwalk” received a gift from the organizer of the festival.

One thing that every visitor can see is that this festival is an opportunity for people to see the liveliest collection of dogs in their life with many strange dogs appearing only when seen on film.


By: Stephan Swift

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